Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3915

With this cry, he shouted out the hearts of at least half of the people in the audience.

The first copy of the Spring Return Pill had already fetched a price of US$2 billion, which was no longer something they could afford.

What’s more, after everyone had seen the miraculous effects of the Spring Return Pill, the price of future Spring Return Pills was bound to rise, and those of them who had not officially made it into the top two hundred, as well as those in the top two hundred who ranked relatively low, would simply not be able to win even if they took out all the cash they had on hand to participate in the subsequent auctions.

This is why this man went from joy to sorrow so quickly, experiencing the whole process of heaven to hell in a flash.

This caused him to cry uncontrollably as his heart was filled with grief.

Song Wanting had no choice but to ask him in a routine manner, “No. 201, are you willing to fill No. 055’s position? If you are not willing to fill the seat, I will have to invite No. 202.”

The man, still burying his head in pain, choked out, “I give up, leave the opportunity to others ……”

At the end of the crowd, No. 202 stood up with red eyes, holding back his tears, and said in a trembling voice, “I …… I give up too ……”

No. 203 hesitated for a moment and also raised his hand and said, “I also give up ……”

All the people who were filling the seats behind them, one by one, took a stand and said that they gave up their qualifications to fill the seats.

It wasn’t that they didn’t want to, but they really didn’t want to allow themselves to have that unrealistic fantasy.

Sitting at the back and watching the Spring Returning Pill being slapped away must have felt more comfortable than sitting in front and watching.

Moreover, when they had come to fill the seats, they hadn’t even thought that the Spring Return Pill would be so expensive.

Now this price was really far beyond their means.

The auction didn’t allow for instalment payments, so there was no way they could afford to buy the Spring Return Pill at the back.

Song Wanting also understood this feeling of theirs, and said helplessly, “Since this is the case, then No. 055’s qualification is temporarily vacant, and our auction will continue.”

After saying this, Song Wanting looked at the rich black man on the stage and spoke, “No. 047, please return to your place, our auction will continue.”

The black tycoon, who had suffered from Parkinson’s for many years and had been instantly cured just now, could not help but ask with a pleading face, “Miss Song, can you let me continue with the bidding for the Spring Return Pill? If my bid is successful, I am willing to pay an additional US$500 million!”

One by one, the people on the stage went from envious to annoyed in an instant.

They didn’t expect that this guy didn’t know enough after picking up a bargain and had the audacity to want to continue participating in the auction.

Some of them hated to break out in curses.

However, when they thought of Li Tailai, who had just been driven out, they could only shut their mouths resentfully.

At this time, Song Wanting looked at the rich black man and said seriously, “Sorry 047, I have made all the relevant requirements very clear, please respect our rules.”

Seeing this, the rich black man had to sigh with resignation and walk back to his seat.

Everyone saw how fit he was, and the envy and jealousy in his heart had reached its peak.

At this moment, Fei Jianzhong had already made up his mind that he would not hesitate to take that last Spring Return Pill, even if it went to US$100 billion!