Winner Takes All Chapter 1-3

Chapter 1

“I’m sorry Mr. Chen, your mother’s advanced liver cancer has ……”

Looking at the doctor who shook his head in front of him, Chen Dong’s head was dizzy and his eyes swished red.

Since he was a child, he and his mother had been dependent on each other, his mother had worked hard to pay for his schooling and had fallen into this situation before he could enjoy any semblance of happiness.

“Doctor, please save my mother, is there no way out at all?” Chen Dong’s voice was hoarse with tears.

The doctor hesitated and said, “There is one last solution, a liver transplant, the hospital happens to have this resource now ……”

After a pause, he looked Chen Dong up and down, his long medical treatment had made him very clear about Chen Dong’s current situation.

But, he still said, “But …… it will cost a lot, a conservative estimate is that it will cost at least 20W upfront.”


Chen Dong’s eyes lit up and he clutched the doctor’s hand: “Save, we must save, I still have 20W!”

The money could be earned again, but if the mother was gone, she would never come back.

“Then you should raise the money as soon as possible, if you delay any further, there is no way to get a liver transplant.”

The doctor nodded, sighed and turned to leave.

Walking out of the hospital, the sky was drizzling with light rain.

Chen Dong hurried home, his wife, Wang Nan Nan, was curled up on the sofa watching TV, with crisps in her mouth.

Glancing at Chen Dong, Wang Nan Nan said, “Is Mum not going to make it?”

“The doctor said that if we can have a liver transplant, there is still hope.” As if he had grabbed the last straw, Chen Dong said joyfully, “It takes 20W, fortunately our family still has it, Mom still has one more chance.”

With that, he turned around and went inside to get his bank card.

Wang Nan Nan’s pretty face changed and she hurriedly called out, “Chen Dong, stop right there!”

Chen Dong frowned slightly, as if he had thought of something, and turned to look at Wang Nan Nan, “Where is the money?”

Wang Nan Nan looked flustered and stammered, not speaking.

“Gave it to your family again?” Chen Dong raised his eyebrows, revealing an incomparably bitter smile.

He sat down on the sofa with feeble steps, took out his crumpled cigarette case, lit a cigarette and took a puff, his whole body leaned back on the sofa.

After three years of marriage, the same thing had happened more than once.

“Nan Nan, this is my mother’s life-saving money.” Chen Dong said wearily, “Can I get it back?”

“Ask for it back?”

Wang Nan Nan raised her eyebrows and whistled shrilly, “Chen Dong, what do you mean? I’m taking some money to pay respect to my parents, how can I have the face to ask for it back?”

Chen Dong’s expression cooled down and said, “The hospital happens to have suitable liver resources, if you can give the money to the hospital immediately, the hospital will be able to perform a liver transplant for my mother immediately, with my mother’s current condition, she won’t last long at all.”

“I don’t care, it’s your own business, you figure it out yourself.” Wang Nan Nan burst into tears at once, her eyes tearing up.

“Where am I going to get another two hundred thousand for a while?” Chen Dong felt like his head was about to explode as he half pleaded, “Nan Nan, help me for once, ask for it back, my mother is waiting for that two hundred thousand to save her life!”

“Chen Dong! The money has already been given to my mother, there’s no way I’m going to ask for it back.” Wang Nan Nan cried and sat down on the ground, spilling snot and tears, “Your mother is dying and you’re still throwing money at the hospital, have you ever thought about this family?”

Chen Dong’s body shook, the breath had already reached his throat.

He violently grabbed Wang Nan Nan’s mobile phone, “If you don’t call, I will!”

Without waiting for Wang Nan Nan to stop him, the call was answered.

“Mum, Nan Nan just gave you two hundred thousand, right?” Chen Dong pleaded, “Please give me back this two hundred thousand, it’s my mother’s life-saving money, her old man is still waiting in the hospital to save her life.”

On the other end of the phone, his mother-in-law shrieked, “Chen Dong, what are you talking about? That money is Nan Nan’s filial piety to us, how dare you ask for it back? When Nan Nan wanted to marry you, we didn’t agree. With your birth, only Nan Nan would marry you because she was blinded by lard.”

“The first thing that happened was that Nan Nan was filial and took money to pay tribute to us, but you, a phoenix man, still licked your face and asked for it back.

I’m telling you, Wang Hao is getting married, and we’re going to take the $200,000 and put a down payment on a house for Wang Hao. Want money? Not a penny!”


The phone hung up.

Chen Dong was completely dumbfounded, did his mother-in-law not understand my words at all?

“Chen Dong, have you gone crazy?” Wang Nan Nan grabbed Chen Dong’s collar like crazy, “How could you do such a thing, do I have to be struck by lightning if I take money to my parents?”

Chen Dong looked at Wang Nan Nan in dismay, his eyes red, “In your eyes, my mother’s life is not as important as a down payment for your brother’s wedding house?”


Wang Nan Nan let go of Chen Dong and grabbed the things in the house and smashed them.

In the blink of an eye, the living room was a mess.

Wang Nan Nan sat down on the sofa with a pearly face: “Chen Dong, you heartless thing, why did I marry you in the first place? I’ve been living with you on a shoestring, even renting a house, have you ever felt sorry for me? Xiao Hao is my brother, he’s your brother too, he’s getting married, I’m a sister, can’t I help?”

“A helping hand?”

Chen Dong was completely furious: “We’ve been married for three years, how much have you helped that trash Wang Hao? Wang Hao, that loser, is a playboy, a deadbeat and an old man, all because you guys spoiled him!”

“Don’t you dare talk about my brother!” Wang Nan Nan’s features were twisted and she pointed at Chen Dong in a hideous manner.

Chen Dong sneered, “Why can’t you say that? He knocked up a cla*smate in college, and I paid for it, and I paid for his car. How much have I given to your family in the past three years, both explicitly and implicitly? You’re the one who really doesn’t care about our family when you’re the devil who helps your brother!”

“Ah! You shut up.” Wang Nan Nan shrieked, “What do you mean? Do you still want to live this life?”

“Your family took my mother’s life-saving money to buy a house for that trash, ignoring my mother, this is a life you don’t want to live!”

Chen Dong shrugged his shoulders and said expressionlessly, “Get a divorce!”

Wang Nan Nan was stunned, “You, what are you saying?”

In three years of marriage, Chen Dong had never used such a tone of voice to say such words.

“Get a divorce.” Chen Dong said, “Marrying me is indeed too much for you, and I am not good enough for you, I can’t afford to support your family.”

After saying that, he turned around and left.

He wasn’t a character who dragged his feet, and for the past three years, he had put up with me time and again because I thought that when Wang Nan Nan married him, it was really a kind of a commitment, and Wang Nan Nan’s feelings for him were still okay.

But this time, he finally couldn’t stand it anymore.

It was only after Chen Dong left the house that Wang Nan Nan finally came back to her senses.

Panicked, she picked up her mobile phone and called her mother, crying and howling, “Mom …… Chen Dong is going to divorce me.”

“That B*****d dares to divorce you?”

On the other end of the line, the mother growled shrilly, “Just divorce! He’s a poor piece of Sh*t, and his tail is up in the air! If he divorces you, then let him have his way and let him and his dead mother cry.”

At this moment, Chen Dong walked out of the house aimlessly.

In the night sky, it was drizzling, wetting his body.

He scratched his head in annoyance and kicked up the standing water on the roadside.

Money money money, it’s all about the F**king money!

Now that I’ve fallen out with the Wang family, where the hell am I going to find that $200,000 to save my life?

Crunch ……

At this moment, a Rolls Royce Phantom pulled up beside Chen Dong.

The window was down and an old man in a Tang suit looked at Chen Dong with a smile on his face.

“It’s Young Master Chen Dong, right? Please get in and follow me to Lijin Hospital.”

Young master?!

Chen Dong looked at the old man in front of him with a dumbfounded expression, not coming back to his senses for half a day.

The old man smiled faintly, “Your mother is already in hospital for a liver transplant.”

Chapter 2

All along the way, Chen Dong was dumbfounded.

Everything in front of him was like a dream.

It was only when he followed the old man outside the ICU ward of Lijin Hospital and saw his mother, who was fully intubated and had completed her surgery, that he woke up with a start.

Ecstasy, excitement, gratitude, and other emotions rushed in like a collapsing river.

“Elder Long, living up to expectations, the liver transplant went very successfully.”

The white coat doctor walked over and said respectfully.

Chen Dong was frozen, this white coat doctor was his mother’s attending doctor and a renowned expert at Lijin Hospital, moreover, an authoritative titan in the medical field.

It was also this doctor who had suggested a liver transplant just now.

Such a medical titan, who could talk and laugh even in front of dignitaries, was so respectful when facing this old man?

“Thank you, Dr. Zhang.” Elder Long smiled and clasped his fist.

The white coat doctor’s body trembled and he hastily waved his hands in panic: “No way, no way, Elder Long is bending me over.”

When Elder Long withdrew his hands, Dr. Zhang then let out a long breath.

Then, Dr. Zhang looked at Chen Dong with a profound gaze and smiled, “Chen Dong, you are filial and blessed, as long as your mother gets through the adaptation period, the operation will be a complete success.”

Hearing these words, Chen Dong could no longer hold back, his eyes swishing red.

“Thank you, thank you Dr. Zhang.”

Seeing that Chen Dong was about to kneel down, Dr. Zhang was instantly frightened and hurriedly stopped, “A doctor is kind, this is just what I should do.”

He could not be clearer about what status Elder Long was.

Chen Dong’s mother’s illness was so bad that he had to ask Elder Long to come to him, so Chen Dong was definitely no ordinary person.

Chen Dong was not stupid either, just now Dr. Zhang had reacted so greatly to Elder Long’s gratitude, and it was only normal for him to react like this to him now.

Although the phrase healer’s heart was benevolent, Dr. Zhang’s back and forth reaction to their mother and son did follow through as one.

But he could feel that the way Dr. Zhang had treated him at the hospital before was the kindness of a healer, whereas now, Dr. Zhang’s attitude was more of the kind of awe that a subordinate would have for a superior.

“Elder Long, if there’s nothing else, I’ll go down first, I’ve already informed the dean’s side.” Doctor Zhang said.

Elder Long waved his hand, “I don’t want to spread my voice on this trip, so I won’t see the dean.”


Doctor Zhang did not pester and turned his gaze with remorse to glance at Chen Dong before bidding farewell and leaving.


Chen Dong knelt on the ground, his eyes hazy with tears as he heavily kowtowed three times to Old Man Long.

“Thank you old man for saving my mother, a great kindness, Chen Dong remembers it to his heart ……”

Before he finished, the old man hurriedly a*sisted, “Young Master Chen Dong, get up, even if you want to kneel, it is the old slave’s turn to kneel to you, young master.”

Chen Dong was full of astonishment, and his mother’s ecstatic excitement after being saved had calmed down at this point.

From the first meeting, Elder Long had called him Young Master in one breath.

His family was not well off, and he had grown up with his mother, and after graduating from university and working, his family’s situation had only gradually improved.

That was why he had always kept it in mind and felt guilty when Wang Nan Nan married him in the first place.

Not to say that a slave and he don’t get along.

Not to mention a slave in a Rolls Royce Phantom!

Long Lao smiled spontaneously and explained, “In fact, it was also the old master’s wish for the old slave to come here to save your mother this time.”

After a pause, Elder Dragon added, “That is, your father.”


Chen Dong’s body shook and his face changed drastically.

His father was unattainable to him.

Ever since he was a child, his mother had told him that his father had pa*sed away before he was born.

“It’s impossible, my father died long ago.” Chen Dong shook his head in a trance.

As if he had expected this, Elder Long smiled and explained, “Your father did not die, on the contrary, he was a great man with a background of power and wealth who fell in love with your mother and gave birth to you.

Chen Dong’s heart was in turmoil, his hands clenched and trembling, unable to accept the reality: “If he is still alive and as powerful as you say he is, why has he never come back to see us, mother and son, since we were young?”

The more he spoke, the more agitated he became, he raised his finger and pointed at his mother in the ICU: “He waited until my mother was dying, and he didn’t even come, just to send you over?”

“He was protecting you and your mother.” Elder Long said, “Now that your father has taken power within the family, he has been thinking about you two, mother and son, and he feels guilty, that’s why he sent his old slave to visit, to make up for his faults in the past twenty years.”

“Make amends? Make amends with what?”

Chen Dong’s eyes were red, tears flowing down the corners of his eyes as he gritted his teeth, “Twenty years, does he know how my mother and I have lived? I’ve been called a B*****d by everyone since I was a child, and my mother had to work early and late to support me.


Long Lao handed a black bank card inlaid with purple thorns into Chen Dong’s hand, “This is a small token of appreciation from your father.”

Chen Dong looked at the bank card in his hand and froze.

This was the first time he had seen such a bank card.

In an instant, an intense anger, like a volcanic eruption, surged out.

Twenty years of disappointment, could it be bought with mere money?

Elder Long did not give him the slightest chance to explode: “This card is just a little token of appreciation, your father sent his old slave here to make up for these twenty years of disappointment, what he really wants is to take you mother and son home in an open and fair manner.”

“Of course, all this also requires you to be strong enough to silence those in the family! The old slave has come to a*sist you to grow up, to grow up so that one day you can take over from your father, when all the power and wealth in the world will be in your hands, and the glory that your mother deserves will surround her!”

Chen Dong was completely dumbfounded.

Elder Long’s words kept echoing in his ears as if they were a nightmare.

By the time he came back to his senses, Elder Long had already disappeared.

After turning over the bank card, there was a note underneath, which was Elder Long’s contact information.

Rubbing his face and smiling bitterly, Chen Dong looked worriedly at his mother in the icu ward.

To him, everything that Elder Long had just said was not as important as his mother’s safety and security.

The next morning.

Wang Nan Nan called Chen Dong early in the morning, screaming at him to get a divorce.

Chen Dong did not say much and left the hospital indifferently, taking a taxi to the Civil Affairs Bureau.

From a distance, he saw Wang Nan Nan impatiently pacing at the entrance of the Civil Affairs Bureau.

When she saw Chen Dong, Wang Nan Nan’s anger immediately rose and she pointed at Chen Dong and cursed, “Chen Dong, remember, it is me who doesn’t want you anymore, and it is also me who wants to divorce you, so don’t regret it later!”

“Let’s go, no regrets.” Chen Dong said.

Looking at Chen Dong’s resolute and indifferent back, Wang Nan Nan was immediately frozen.

After four years of love and three years of marriage, she had never seen Chen Dong treat her in this manner!

With an indignant stomp of her foot, she quickly followed him inside.

It took ten minutes for the divorce proceedings to be completed.

Walking out of the Civil Affairs Bureau, Wang Nan Nan looked at Chen Dong who was leaving straight away and was a bit resentful: “One day, you phoenix man will regret it!”


An Audi A4L stopped in front of Wang Nan Nan, and his younger brother Wang Hao poked his head out with a smile: “Sister, did you get rid of the phoenix man?”

“Yes.” Wang Nan Nan scolded, “Are you still my brother? I’m already divorced, why are you still so happy?”

Wang Hao laughed, “That trash Chen Dong, for him to marry you is called climbing up the ladder, for you to divorce him is called getting out of the sea of misery.”

Wang Nan Nan changed her expression and changed the subject: “By the way, how are things going between you and your girlfriend?”

Wang Hao said with a sad face, “Don’t mention it, Xue’er works in a bank with high vision, she wants that 500,000 bride price, a suite and a car, it’s hard to get oh, Chen Dong’s 200,000 won’t solve the big problem either.”

“It’s my sister who’s sorry.” Wang Nan Nan sighed guiltily.


After Chen Dong left the Civil Affairs Bureau, he did not immediately go back to the Lijin Hospital.

Instead, he took a taxi to a nearby bank.

Although he was disgusted that his father had asked Elder Long to give him financial compensation, he had to say that it was hard to beat a hero with a penny, and his situation today, whether it was his mother’s follow-up medical expenses or their mother and son’s livelihood, he really needed money.

Chapter 3

Walk into the bank.

Chen Dong took his number and queued up.

When it was his turn, he sat down at the counter with his Bauhinia bank card, took one look at the teller and the corner of his eyes jumped.

Lin Xue’er!

What a coincidence.

Chen Dong’s eyes narrowed, this Lin Xue’er was none other than Wang Hao’s girlfriend.

Although they had never met before, he knew something about Lin Xue’er through Wang Nan Nan and had seen the photos.

He was not angry with Lin Xue’er, he was just angry at best.

Lin Xue’er was white, beautiful and had a good career, so it was a miracle that she could fall for Wang Hao’s deadbeat old man.

As for the amount of bride price people want, it’s also her business, a willingness to fight and a willingness to take, what he is angry about is the Wang family’s face, taking his mother’s life-saving money and making him the wrongdoer as a helper.

“Hello sir, what business is it for?” Lin Xue’er showed a professional smile.

Chen Dong took a deep breath, suppressing the depression in his heart, and smiled as he handed his Bauhinia card into the counter, “Hello, I would like to withdraw money.”

Lin Xue’er was about to ask Chen Dong how much money he wanted to withdraw, when she saw the Bauhinia card, she frowned slightly: “Sir, are you sure this is a bank card?”

Saying that, she also looked at the Bauhinia bank card repeatedly.

With her professionalism, she had really never seen this kind of bank card before.

Chen Dong froze for a moment, Long Lao wouldn’t have taken a fake card, right?

On second thought, if Elder Long could wave his hand to help his mother pay the 20W medical bill, how could he have given him a fake card?

“Sure.” Chen Dong nodded his head, his eyes looking Lin Xue’er up and down.

Because she was sitting, he couldn’t tell Lin Xue’er’s height, but a professional outfit did outline her curves in a graceful manner, with fair skin and delicate features, giving her a feeling of being pitiful and petite.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

Lin Xueer’s eyebrows knitted deeper, but she still carried on with the card reading operation.

Her patience was finally exhausted when the system “dinged” and the computer showed that it could not be read.


Lin Xue’er threw her Bauhinia bank card into the counter recess and said indifferently, “Sorry, sir, your bank card cannot be read by the Bank’s system.”


Elder Long really fooled me?

First he spends 20W and then gives me a fake card to fool me, this is not the right operation, right?

“That, please try again, this is really a bank card.” Chen Dong said half-beggingly.

Now that he and Wang Nan Nan were divorced, he was not going to rent the previous rental house anymore and wanted to change the house with his mother again.

The last $200,000 had also been taken by Wang Nan Nan, he was now penniless, if he didn’t have the money, not to mention his mother’s follow-up treatment, even his life would be impossible.

“Sir, you’ve come here on purpose to cause trouble, haven’t you?”

Lin Xue’er raised her eyebrows and her face was as cold as frost: “From just now I feel that you are not looking at me right, at least take a real bank card to tease a girl, please leave and don’t delay the customers who are doing business behind you, otherwise I will call the security guards.”

Chen Dong was dumbfounded, what the hell is this?

Before he could explain, Lin Xue’er clasped her hands to her chest: “Security guards!”

At once, two security guards came over.

It was morning and there were many people handling business, so they all looked towards Chen Dong.

Chen Dong was anxious and pointed at the card, “This is the bank card, I’m here to do business, why are you pushing me out?”

Lin Xue’er had a cold face and did not respond.

The security guard said in a deep voice: “Sir, please go out, it’s working hours, if you hara*s our bank employees like this, we’ll have to call the police.”

“I ……” Chen Dong’s breath was almost in his throat, not only did he not get his money, but he was also branded a rogue?

At this time, a middle-aged man dressed in a suit with a large belly came over.

“What’s wrong?”

Lin Xue’er, who had a cold face, instantly squirmed in her posture, with a pitiful look, and pouted, “Manager, this man took a fake card to withdraw money, and kept spying on me.”

This scene confused Chen Dong who was furious.

The first foot was still as cold as ice, but the second foot was a million times more charming?

As far as he could remember, Wang Nan Nan had told him at the time that Lin Xue’er was a good, conservative and traditional girl, and that after she and Wang Hao had established their relationship, she had always been reserved and at most just held hands.

He is not stupid and not blind.

This Lin Xueer …… is really conservative? The traditional? reserved?

The middle-aged man’s face immediately sank, and he looked at Chen Dong with a strong hostile look.

“Sir, this is a bank please behave yourself, I ask you to go out as the bank manager, otherwise don’t blame me for having the security guards throw you out.”

The two security guards next to him were full of gloating smiles, who didn’t know that Lin Xue’er was the manager of the whole bank?

This guy is picking up girls, how dare he do it?

When Lin Xue’er heard the manager’s words, she squirmed even more and pouted, “Manager, this kind of person, why do you still talk nonsense with him?

Chen Dong was furious at hearing this, and looked furious, but did not get up.

The Bauhinia bank card was given to him by Long Lao, he had come to withdraw money, how could he still suffer this kind of nasty anger?

Previously, he was only angry with Lin Xue’er, but now Lin Xue’er’s gesture made him completely furious!

“Throw him out!”

When the manager saw that Chen Dong was not moving, his eyebrows twisted and he shouted with a steely fierceness.

If he hadn’t considered his status as the bank manager, he would have told the security guards to throw him out just for the fact that Chen Dong coveted Lin Xue’er.

The two security guards were about to step forward, and more and more people were gathered around.

Chen Dong was not a soft persimmon, let alone a ninja turtle.

Having been bullied like this, he completely blew up.


He picked up his Bauhinia bank card and slapped it heavily on the counter, roaring, “I came here to withdraw money openly and honestly, not to be falsely accused of being a hooligan by you, trying to force me to make trouble?”

The security guard stopped dead in his tracks.

The bank manager’s eyes were on the verge of eating people, but still instinctively swept the corner of his eyes towards the Ziyou Bank card.

The next second.


The bank manager was struck by lightning, his mind went blank violently for a split second and his eyes went straight: “This ……”

A bead of sweat quickly seeped out from his head.

“Manager, it’s a fake la.” Lin Xue’er snorted with disinterest, but when she raised her eyes, she found the manager’s head full of beads of sweat, and she was instantly frozen.

In an instant, the bank manager raised his hand to wipe a bead of sweat from his forehead, and his gloomy face turned into a flattering smile.

The back that was held high also hunched down as he smiled at Chen Dong, “Sir, I’m sorry, I really didn’t know that you were a valued customer with a Bauhinia Bank card, so I beg your pardon, please come to my office quickly and I will personally help you with your business.”


The dazed Lin Xue’er’s delicate body trembled as she exclaimed in disbelief, “This, this is really a bank card?”

“What the hell do you know!”

The bank manager, with his head covered in sweat, glared at Lin Xue’er fiercely before turning to Chen Dong with a smiling face and saying, “This way please, sir.”

Finally, someone who knew what they were doing?

Chen Dong raised his eyebrows, glanced disdainfully at the dumbfounded Lin Xue’er, and got up to follow the bank manager towards the office.

The most urgent task was to withdraw the money, and now that the bank manager had conceded, there was no need for him to bite the bullet. He had learned a lot about Lin Xue’er today.

At the same time, he was looking forward to it. The Bauhinia bank card given by Long Lao was only known to the bank manager, so it must be very rare, how much money was there in the card?

When the two men entered the office.

The bank hall, which was silent, suddenly became noisy.

The faces of all those who were watching the fun all showed expressions of surprise and horror.

No one had expected that things would suddenly turn out like this.

Lin Xue’er stood frozen in place, her watery eyes filled with tears and her delicate body trembled a little.

It was because she had realised a very serious problem.

She was in trouble!

A big trouble that even the manager wouldn’t dare to back her up!