Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 6516

So, he called Zhou Liangyun, opened: “Buddy, do not rush to go, let’s talk again, 150,000 transfer fee you are too much, then I let you a bite, 100,000 you see how?” Zhou Liang Yun turned around and said seriously, “I won’t pay a cent of the transfer fee.” The man was anxious and said … Read more

Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 6515

If today they disclose this shop, the contract has not been signed, it is estimated that the entire antique street already know, if you know that they have been the wrongdoer, then it will certainly be reduced to the whole street between the merchants talk and laughingstock. Moreover, he himself is intended to open the … Read more

Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 6514

Two hundred thousand annual rent is not expensive, just 150,000 transfer fee more or less some lion’s share. So Zhou Liangyun said to the other side: “I have an impression of your shop, when I was in Jiqingtang, this shop has been open for quite a long time, you and the landlord signed a contract … Read more

Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 6513

After all, the two have been separated for a very long time, in the past it was the cold war period, no one cared about anyone, so the separation was a matter of course, but now since they are back together, naturally there is no need to continue to live apart. However, Ma Lan thought … Read more

Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 6512

Once they heard that Ye Chen was also going to give 100,000 US dollars, Ma Lan and Xiao Changkun were overflowing with excitement. Ma Lan couldn’t help but applaud and cheered, “Aiya aiya, what a day it is today! Good things come one after another! I’ve long heard that Dubai is a shopping paradise, going … Read more

Talented Medical Son-in-law Chapter 125

Next day. Early in the morning, Xu Fei sent Little Lele to the kindergarten, and then, he drove the van in a hurry towards a big stall. Because early in the morning, his adoptive father, Xu Changpeng, had invited his third sister and third brother-in-law to dine there, Xu Changpeng was not willing to delay … Read more

Talented Medical Son-in-law Chapter 124

Foster father Xu Changpeng sighed and said, “Fei, Qingxue this girl is honest, but her mother ……” Another heavy sigh, all the bitterness and helplessness in it. Wu Lan also wiped her tears and said, “The Lin family we really can’t afford to climb, if you really feel aggrieved, then ……” Xu Fei smiled, interrupting … Read more

Talented Medical Son-in-law Chapter 123

Lin Qingxue looked anxious, little Lele was trembling with fear, wanting to dodge, but it was already too late, that big merciless hand had already swung down. Fast and hard! He Meifeng was already angry, now Xiao Lele even dared to block the head of the gun, He Meifeng felt that her dignity was provoked, … Read more

Talented Medical Son-in-law Chapter 122

Wu Lan hadn’t finished speaking, but He Meifeng had already walked over with a cold face. When she saw that Lin Qingxue was actually having fun with Xu Fei, her heart flared with anger. “Qingxue, you even have the heart to play here!” “Mum, why are you here?” Xu Fei was also stunned when he … Read more

Talented Medical Son-in-law Chapter 121

Lin Wei staggered a few steps and almost didn’t sit straight on his arse. Looking back at the tall and imposing Hengyuan Building, he couldn’t help but gulp. In his heart, however, he had long since hated Xu Fei. I don’t know what kind of thoughts Xu Fei had instilled in them, but he had … Read more