Talented Medical Son-in-law Chapter 320

Lin Fei, in particular, made it a point to stay for a long time. He Meifeng was a very vindictive person. Just now, hadn’t Lin Fei tried to humiliate her daughter? Didn’t she ask her daughter to help pick up her skirt? Now, I’m afraid she didn’t even have the qualifications to pick up her … Read more

Talented Medical Son-in-law Chapter 319

Lin Qingxue’s body trembled, twenty-eight million? She was deeply shocked by this figure in her heart! A gasp also escaped from the mouths of the crowd, such an expensive wedding dress, let alone seeing it, they had never even heard of it. “How is this possible? Master Manchel can’t even be hired with money, and … Read more

Talented Medical Son-in-law Chapter 318

She’s a real bride? How is that possible! “Brush!” And just at that moment, several Rolls Royces suddenly drove up outside. On the front of the car was an oversized heart-shaped pattern, the romantic atmosphere overflowing. The crowd was simply dumbfounded, when had they ever seen such a scene? Snap. The car doors opened, and … Read more

Talented Medical Son-in-law Chapter 317

Zhang Youzhi instantly felt a pot of cold water poured on his face, drenching him in it! His face turned incomparably pale, standing on the stage, neither to leave nor to stay, embarrassed beyond measure. Lin Fei, who was standing next to Zhang Youzhi, also felt a great shame. Today, but she and Zhang Youzhi … Read more

Talented Medical Son-in-law Chapter 316

The crowd couldn’t help but be taken aback again. Wild ginseng was already scarce, and wild ginseng that was over a hundred years old was even scarcer. This is really a good thing that even money can’t buy. Now, it was given to Lin Qingxue as a gift? How much face does this have to … Read more

Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 6684

“The large-scale manufacturing industry has a great demand for electricity, and this requires the power supply department to make preparations in advance, and our future site selection should definitely take the convenience of transport as the most important prerequisite, and if the power supply lines there are insufficient to support our needs, we have to … Read more

Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 6683

Although Ye Chen was not a native of Jinling, after all, he had been living in the city since he was eight years old, and his affection for the place had long surpassed that of Yanjing. For him, since he was going to invest in automobiles with the An family, it was naturally most appropriate … Read more

Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 6682

But now, isn’t this an excellent opportunity tailor-made for himself? Seeing that He Yuanjiang was obviously moved, Ye Chen immediately said to An Kai Feng, “Second uncle, Professor He will soon get married, and after marriage, he may not want to be separated from his lover, is it possible for us to set up our … Read more

Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 6681

“Once the sales of cars continue to grow, every car owner travelling on the road every day will provide precious big data for the database of intelligent driving, and this big data has great imagination with AI;” “If now when I drive from a certain location on a certain highway, the vehicle has a relatively … Read more

Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 6680

“A state-of-the-art AI model?!” He Yuanjiang’s brain exploded in an instant when he heard this! He had been on Wall Street for many years, and had invested in a large number of innovative technology-based companies when he was working in an investment bank, as well as helping many tech companies ring the bell to go … Read more