Deserted Young Master

Deserted Young Master Synopsis

Reborn into the body of a popular poor loser who was rejected by a girl. He made those who mocked, humiliated and looked down on him jaw drop.

Status: Completed

it’s Sequel are “Creation gate”, “no matter what”, e.t.c.

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10 thoughts on “Deserted Young Master”

  1. Why is it only five chapters were released today?
    Can we have more chapters tomorrow, thanks.
    DYM is a very good story to read.

  2. What happen?
    After chap 2157 to 2158 it change…
    What happen?

    It can be like that !! You broke the corelation..

    You need to continue from void city until the unite in mo yue imorta sec in 33 heavenly realm,

    Please say / reply something, you have my mail.

  3. He built a city to protect his women, while his women dorsnt leave a chance to run around keeping him always anxious. Wtf is this and he didnt even mention it once.


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