Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 4105

Twenty minutes later, a Bell helicopter landed in front of Qiao Feiyun’s hangar.

Only then did Qiao Feiyun step out of the hangar in the night and quickly boarded the helicopter.

The helicopter’s engine was not even switched off and it accelerated straight away, leaving the airport in just two to three minutes.

After taking off, the helicopter flew directly to the Long Island area in eastern New York.

Long Island is one of the most prestigious and affluent areas in the United States. Unlike Manhattan, which is a bustling city, Long Island is very quiet because it is far from the city.

Moreover, the Long Island area has some of the best beaches in New York. Almost all of the wealthy areas here are top-notch estates built on the coastline, and the Fay family’s estate, which covers even more than 300 hectares, not only has a kilometre-long private beach, but even its own golf course.

In this manor, there are five oversized villa buildings alone, each of which is comparable to a luxury hotel.

Qiao Feiyun has had the privilege of visiting this estate several times before, and each time he has been deeply shocked.

Other than that, the price of land for villas on the edge of a prime coast like Long Island is now ridiculously high. Nowadays, buying a one-hectare plot of land in a similar location costs tens of millions of dollars, not to mention this oversized manor of over two hundred hectares.

The scarcity of such top luxury mansions can no longer be replicated in an area like Long Island.

If the estate were to be put up for sale, it would not be possible without tens of billions of dollars.

If the estate was handed over to a developer, it would create a superb villa complex of at least two to three hundred top luxury homes, easily accommodating thousands of high society elites.

This is a huge luxury estate that serves only a few dozen people in the Fei family, a top-notch living experience that can easily be ranked in the top five in the United States.

The five villas in the manor are also well-defined, with the largest villa located in the middle and the other four, in the four corners of the northeast, southeast, northwest and southwest, respectively.

Fei Hao Yang, his grandfather, his parents and his family originally lived in the villa in the northeast corner, but with the seizure of power from the old man Fei Jianzhong, his grandfather arranged for his family to move to the large central villa where Fei Jianzhong used to live, and this villa happened to be vacant, so Fei Hao Yang directly asked his housekeeper to bring Qiao Feiyun here.

The study that had belonged to Fei Ho Yang’s grandfather had now become Fei Ho Yang’s private domain, and even his father, who had coveted it, had to relent and give it to him.

Qiao Feiyun, led by the butler, quickly arrived at the luxurious study in the mansion, which was over a hundred square metres in size.

This poster was the promotional poster for Gu Qiuyi’s New York concert.

As soon as Qiao Feiyun came in, he saw the poster, and as soon as Fei Hao Yang saw him, he immediately greeted him warmly, patting him on the shoulder with one hand and pointing at the stunningly beautiful Gu Qiuyi on the poster with the other, he said with a smile, “Look, Feiyun, the promotional materials for Gu Qiuyi’s concert have already been made! This is the poster that hasn’t been officially released yet, and I just got it.”

Qiao Feiyun was surprised and asked, “Young Master Fei, this poster is not yet on the market, how did you get it? Is there some kind of internal relationship?”

“That’s right!” Fei Hao Yang exclaimed, “You’re still smart, let me tell you, getting a poster is no big deal, but I’ve already figured out all her partners for this concert in New York, she’s on tour in North America this time, and she’s working more deeply with the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in America, and it’s said that there’s a vice president inside the Chinese Chamber of Commerce who is a friend of her father.”

The Chinese Chamber of Commerce has a vice president who is a friend of her father’s.” said Fei Hao Yang, “All the printing and production of her promotional materials are entrusted to a Chinese printer in New York, who is also a member of the Chamber of Commerce, but unfortunately, the Fei family has never looked up to this Chinese Chamber of Commerce, and I have no dealings with them, so I will try to see if I can find the Chamber of Commerce and find a chance to get to know her. If you can create the right time to do it, it would be great!”

I found out that this Gu Qiuyi seems to be very keen on doing charity work, and she is especially keen on charity projects related to orphans. ”

Fei Hao Yang said excitedly, “Speak up!”