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The secret identity Novel is a story that revolves around a door-to-door Son-in-law that everyone looks down on, but no one knows his true identity is the eldest young master of the top family. Thats an Secret Identity. Those who look down on him will eventually kneel in front of him and call him in fear!More Secret Identity..

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Chapter 3751-4000


Chapter 4001-4200

Chapter 4201-4700

Chapter 4701-5200

Chapter 5201-5700

Chapter 5721-6000

 Chapter 6001-6300

Chapter 6301-7000

Chapter 7001-



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35 thoughts on “Secret Great Phoenix Chen”

  1. Why Fei Ke Xin can get all the information effortlessly about ye chen’s circle of friends while the othes are caught and put in a dog farm of hong wu.??? When investigating something or someone??

    • Well, others use “normal” way to get the info (asking their connection to get the data). So the data will flow in expecting way.

      Fei Ke Xin often use hackers so if, as the story mentioned, they among the top of the world getting data without get caught should be not out of reach.

  2. Ye has already seen through Fei and concluded she isn’t an enemy nor of any threat in fact, she becomes like a trusted subordinate. So, even if Fei gets known to have gathered all his info, Ye was more amazed and admired Fei for her smartness as Ye likes smart people.

  3. I dont think Ye Chen’s current wife will end up with him after he discovers his identity. I hope he ends up with Gu Yi!

    • How can you say that, this is a girl who accepted hom when he was a nobody. I think that all the other women do not love him but his power/strength and background.

      • Gu Qiu Yu also loved him not for his power or strength. She didn’t know anything about his power or strength all the while she was searching for him. Also it’s Claire’s Mom who’s the terminator of their happiness too. Also if she really loves Ye Chen so much, why hasn’t she allowed him and her to complete the marriage by consummating their marriage?

  4. Hi, its been a few days now, no updates. When you are use to read some chapters everyday and suddenly nothing. I do hope that we get updates soon.

  5. Am I the only one who thinks the Author is dragging the novel too much? I mean how can we be still reading about about insignificant characters like Ma Lan and Weiwei and others at Chapter 5295 where as the main character; Ye Chen is not even improving in his cultivation. Mr. Author please wake up

    • I think the author wants it to be as realistic as it can be.. as if it is really a true story.

      But yeah.. many times, just to explain one topic, it needs to waste almost 2 chapters..

  6. “Strength” has been highlighted all the time. I wonder why the main character spent less time in cultivation and more time doing the things that he cannot achieve because of his low strength.

  7. Why do we only get 2 pages a day and that is decreased to 1 day on weekends. Other books in this series get 4-5 pages of updates. So frustrating.

  8. It’s amazing how this Dark angel was talking just now in an evil way but when he’s at a compromised position he begs like a dog what about people they killed and treated badly just now honestly speaking I see ye Chen here in this book he’s correcting all the wrong of nature in a rather harsh way accordingly to the best sentence in an instant way than the law can ever deliver

  9. This is really a good book teaching us a lot about life and our behavioural aspects on how to treat one another no matter where you come from always have respect and honour a stranger treat each other well cause you don’t know what the future holds for any of you in real life and these are real life events thank authors well done


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