Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4394

The old man said seriously, “Yalin, this is not feudalism, this is heritage! Since ancient times, you have only heard of worshipping one’s own ancestors, have you ever heard of anyone worshipping an ancestor with a foreign surname? Do you know what your grandfather’s grandfather’s surname was, and do you know what your grandfather’s grandfather’s surname was? Do you know what it means to break off the incense?”

Li Yalin was busy saying, “Uncle An, breaking off the incense, that doesn’t mean the bloodline is broken …… Then as long as this child has offspring in the future, won’t this bloodline of mine be pa*sed on?”

The old man waved his hand and said with a solemn expression, “Yalin, the term “broken incense” is not that complicated, to put it bluntly, it means that there is simply no one to light incense for the ancestors of this lineage, to put it more bluntly, there is no one to worship!”

Hearing this, Li Yalin could no longer hold back the tears in his eyes, and two lines of hot tears rolled down his somewhat tanned cheeks.

He understood the meaning of the old man’s words, and deep down in his heart he also agreed with this concept of the old man.

The older generation of Chinese people who had gone abroad to fight for their lives had all wished for prosperity and children, and this naturally included Li Yalin’s father.

But although Li Yalin had five sisters, he was the only male in the family.

His wife was willing to bear more children for him, but as fate would have it, she suffered a serious haemorrhage during the birth of his daughter, and the doctors removed her womb to save her life.

So, Li Yalin only had that one only daughter.

At this moment, when the old lady on the side saw that Li Yalin was a big man who had shed tears, she quickly said to the old man, “Aiya, you old feudalist! It’s a long time ago, but you’re still doing that patriarchal thing!”

After saying that, he hurriedly said to Li Yalin: “Yalin, don’t listen to your Uncle An’s nonsense, this old feudal consciousness should have been removed long ago!”

The old man had always been obedient to the old lady in his words, but at this time he said sternly, “If it were anyone else, I would have advised him to do the same, but with Yalin, I can’t! He can think for himself, but I know better than anyone what my old friend will think.

He said, looking at Li Yalin who was silently weeping, he waved his hand with dignity and said, “Yalin, you don’t have to worry about anything in this matter, whether the baby is born as a boy or a girl, you bring your aunt here! If it’s a boy, I’ll be able to convince him to give the child the surname Li, if it’s a girl, I’ll try to convince him to have another one with your daughter! Don’t interfere, don’t say a word, just pretend you don’t know, and if anyone has a name for being an old feudalist or an old b*****d, just throw it at my head, I don’t care!”

Li Yalin nodded heavily with tears in his eyes at this moment and said with gratitude, “Uncle An …… thank you …… thank you!”

Li Yalin knew that his son-in-law was excellent and had a high heart, something that perhaps only An Qishan could really do.

Overwhelmed with emotion, his legs bent forward uncontrollably and he was about to kneel down and kowtow to An Qishan.

An Chongqiu was quick and pulled him back and said, “Old Li, what are you doing?”

An Qishan scolded, “b*****d, they say there is gold under a man’s knees, you are here to show me! Stand still and don’t kneel for me until the day I die!”

Li Yalin was really moved from the bottom of his heart, but seeing that An Qishan was angry, he hurriedly said, “Okay Uncle An …… I know ……”

The old man nodded in satisfaction and urged, “Why are you still standing here, hurry up and go to the airport!”

An Chongqiu was busy saying, “Dad, I was telling him to hurry up, but he insisted on staying with you for a while.”

At this time, the music suddenly started to play, and in the midst of the very powerful music, the lights in the venue were dimmed by at least 70%, and the two large LED screens to the left and right of the stage were instantly lit up and began to play the opening material of Gu Qiuyi’s world tour.

The opening video, which is 20 minutes long, was created by a Hollywood team at great cost, with stunning sound and visual effects.

The content of the video is a cosmic battle that takes place in the future, so the audio-visual effects at the beginning seem to be earth-shattering.

The plot of the video is that an alien race has invaded Earth and wiped out almost all of the Earth fleet, leaving only one ship piloted by a female warrior to survive.

In order to save the planet, the warrior woman pilots her ship through a wormhole and travels all the way from the future back to modern day Earth.