Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4108

“Ninja?” When Qiao Feiyun heard this, he was a bit stunned for a moment and couldn’t help but ask, “Young Master Fei, do you know anything about Japanese ninjas?”

Fei Hao Yang nodded, “More or less, someone under my father’s hand used to get Japanese ninjas to do things, and they were said to be quite good.”

Qiao Feiyun was busy saying, “If there are reliable ninjas, you might as well invite some to New York first, but since they are acting as the executors of the alternative, we can’t let them know exactly what they are going to do until the alternative is activated.”

“Yes.” Fei Hao Yang said with a smile, “Don’t worry about this, I’ll make the arrangements and have them send some top experts over first.”

Saying that, Fei Hao Yang added, “Right Feiyun, having the ninjas wait for an opportunity to strike at the hotel is considered our plan b, but apart from that, we have to think of another plan c, just in case, I think intercepting Gu Qiuyi’s convoy is also a way, you find a way to gather a group of mercenaries, just like those ninjas, just in case.”

“Good!” Qiao Feiyun said without thinking, “Don’t worry, Young Master Fei, I’ll arrange these!”

Fei Hao Yang nodded in satisfaction and smiled, “Alright, that’s all we’ll talk about today, it’s getting late, you get some rest early, I think this Gu Qiuyi will be coming to the US in a few days, so why don’t you just don’t go back to Seattle for now, and stay here peacefully these days.”

When Qiao Feiyun heard this, he was naturally eager to do so and hurriedly said, “No problem Young Master Fei, I will not leave for the time being until I can help you take care of Gu Qiuyi.”


At this moment, Ye Chen had already returned to the hotel in Providence.

Only when Xiao Churan saw that he had returned safely did her hanging heart finally drop, and then she eagerly asked some details about Ye Chen’s trip to Canada this time.

Ye Chen did not want her to worry, so he made the seriousness of the matter as weak as possible.

In the end, it came out of his mouth that the matter was just a little bit trivial, only that the young girl who had sent him the text message had overreacted a little bit.

Xiao Churan heard Ye Chen’s words and naturally believed it to be true, after all, in her opinion, Canada, an old developed country, is not as chaotic as the United States, and Li Xiaofen, a girl, would not offend anyone in her daily life, so naturally she could not encounter any real danger.

So, the matter was over with Xiao Churan.

The following day, Xiao Churan’s master cla*s at the Rhode Island School of Design officially began.

The news of the new master cla*s had aroused great interest in the design community, and the Rhode Island School of Design had also officially announced the list of students for the master cla*s.

As the industry’s most talked-about advanced training course, the Master Cla*s list has always been a key focus for the industry, as it is customary for those who make it onto the list to become rising stars in the design field in a month’s time.

Xiao Churan’s name has also created a lot of interest and discussion in the field of Chinese designers.

This is mainly because, apart from Xiao Churan, all the people in this master cla*s are already established in the field of design, and a casual search on the internet will reveal some successful cases they have completed independently.

Xiao Churan was the only one who was not famous at all, so many Chinese designers were curious to know how he had been selected for this master cla*s.

This also put a lot of psychological pressure on Xiao Churan, who could also feel the gap between herself and the others in the cla*s, so from the first day onwards, she worked harder and more seriously than anyone else in the course of listening to the cla*s.

It was also on the day that Xiao Churan’s master cla*s started that Fei Hao Yang took the initiative to approach the president of the New York Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Lu Si Nian, in order to prepare early.

Lu Si Nian is forty-eight years old and is a sixth generation Chinese American.