Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4268

The old lady shook her head, wiped away her tears, and said expressionlessly, “All the methods that can be used have been used, and the methods that cannot be used have also been tried, I have even invited the Hong Tian Shi, whom your father has always resented, and now I really don’t know what other methods there are ……”

An Chongqiu knew that his father did not believe in religion, let alone metaphysics, whether it was Master Hong Tian from Jindan Daomen or Master Lai from I Ching gossip. There are no two liars in the arena.

If it were not a last resort, his mother would never have invited him to the house.

At this time, An Chongqiu, who had been consoling his younger siblings and comforting his mother, had grown more and more desperate in his own heart.

In his opinion, the old man, this time, was afraid that he would really not be able to pull through.


At the same time.

In the mid-air, only a few dozen kilometres away from the An Family Manor.

The private plane that Gu Qiuyi was on had already dropped its altitude to less than two thousand meters.

The crew, at this moment, had already pointed its direction towards the runway of the Fei family and was preparing to land there.

Earlier, Gu Qiuyi had obtained the exact location of the An family’s manor from Ye Chen via satellite phone, and had also obtained the information that in the An family’s manor, there was its own 4E cla*s runway.

A runway of this level could basically cater for the normal take-off and landing of all types of aircraft except the fully loaded Airbus A380.

In order to race against time, Ye Chen then wanted Gu Qiuyi to land directly at the An family.

However, the Fei family has always been heavily guarded and if there were no known aircraft to take off or land, they would block the airport runway with multiple heavy vehicles to avoid any miscreants landing directly at the Ye family’s estate, so in order to land here, the plane would first have to go through the permission of the Fei family’s ground control staff.

So, the captain immediately radioed in and called the Fei family runway controllers.

“ANAP, this is B9733, this is B9733, come in when you hear me.”

ANAP is the call sign of the Fijia runway registered with civil aviation, and immediately after the call from the airport, a query came over the radio, “B9733, this is ANAP, please identify yourself.”

The captain hurriedly said, “I have a special and important guest on board who would like to visit the old lady of the An family, please give permission for my plane to land directly at the An family runway.”

The other party immediately said, “We have not received any report about the visitor’s plane at the moment, no plane is allowed to land here, if it is a visit, please contact the main family first, we will open the runway as soon as we receive the order from the main family.”

The captain said, “The important guest on board my plane has a special status, she does not have the contact information of the Fei family at the moment, so please inform them on your behalf.”

“Sorry.” The other party refused without a second thought, “Our code of work is to receive orders, which plane can land only when the main family tells us which plane is to land, we are not authorised to make requests to the main family, there are obstacles on the runway, we suggest you go to a public airport to land.”

When the captain saw that the other party would not relent, he hurriedly said through the cabin radio, “Miss Gu, the staff on the other side of the ground will not allow us to land, in that case, we can only go to Los Angeles International Airport to land.”

When Gu Qiuyi heard this, her heart tightened: “If we land at Los Angeles International Airport, we will definitely be delayed a lot when we leave the airport and transfer to a car ……”

Thinking of this, she hurriedly opened her seat belt, quickly went to the C*ckpit and said to the captain, “Open the radio, I’ll talk to them!”

The captain immediately took off his headset and handed it to Gu Qiuyi, then pressed the talk button and said, “Miss Gu, you can talk now.”

Gu Qiuyi put on her headset and said eagerly, “I am brother Ye Chen’s fiancee …… have something important to see brother Ye Chen’s grandmother!”

The young staff on the other end did not know who Ye Chen was, and when he saw that the registration number of this plane started with B, he knew that this plane was from China, so he said very seriously, “This is the An family, there is no one called Ye Chen, please turn away immediately, otherwise I will complain to the FAA, and in serious cases, your plane will be banned from flying into US territorial airspace!”

Gu Qiuyi stomped her foot in anxiety and blurted out, “How dare you!!! I’m telling you! Ye Chen’s brother is the son of Auntie An Chengqin!”