Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4555

Faced with Yang Tiansheng’s question, Ye Chen sneered, “I am pointing at you and talking about you, of course, is there any need to ask? Is that head of yours filled with mush?”

“I’ll throw it!” Yang Tiansheng was instantly furious, he changed his previous civilized appearance and roared through clenched teeth, “You’re a f*cking a*sistant to the chairman of a shipping company, how dare you talk to me like that, do you know what my status is in Hong Kong Island?!”

Ye Chen grunted and said coldly, “I know who you are, I haven’t seen your old face on the lace news too often, I don’t want to care what background you have, I just want to know, did you force her to dress like this?”

Yang Tiansheng gritted his teeth and said, “D*mn it, as long as an artist is signed to my company, she is my dog! She has to wear whatever I tell her to wear, and she has to do whatever I tell her to do! What the f*ck are you, and you dare to question me?!”

Ye Chen laughed, ignoring him, and turned to Liu Jiahui, opening his mouth to ask, “Mr. Liu, are all your friends so unrestrained?”

Liu Jiahui’s liver trembled in fear and he quickly said to Yang Tiansheng, “Tiansheng, what …… words are you saying, don’t hurry up and apologise to Mr Ye!”

Yang Tiansheng was confused and pointed to his nose and questioned, “He scolded me and you want me to apologize to him? Liu Jiahui, I’m not as rich as you, but in terms of social status, I’m not much worse than you on Hong Kong Island! What does it have to do with me, Yang Tiansheng, if you’re begging for help from Isoo Shipping and want to bend over to this kid? I don’t make a f*cking penny from him, so why should I put up with him?”

Liu Jiahui was speechless for a moment, but his expression was already anxious, he did not dare to tell Ye Chen’s background, but because he did not dare to tell, Yang Tiansheng was even more indignant.

When Liu Jiahui didn’t know how to speak, Yang Tiansheng looked at Ye Chen and roared in anger, “Kid, don’t you ask around, who doesn’t know that I, Yang Tiansheng, am the godfather of Hong Kong’s entertainment industry? Who dares to disrespect me, Yang Tiansheng? Even Ah Lung has to call me Mr. Yeung in front of me! How dare you, a mere a*sistant, shout at me in front of my artists? If you don’t kneel down and apologise to me today, I won’t let you off the hook!”

Liu Jiahui’s legs went weak in fear, and he hurriedly dodged several meters away from Yang Tiansheng, pointing at him and saying to Ye Chen, “Mr. Ye …… I don’t know him …… well… …”

Yang Tiansheng looked at Liu Jiahui’s obsequious appearance and was even more furious, angrily rebuking, “Liu Jiahui, we’ve been friends for thirty years, and now you’re saying you’re not familiar with me? You have so many confidantes in the entertainment industry, almost all of whom I helped you with, and now you are saying that you are not familiar with me in order not to offend a small a*sistant!”

Speaking of this, Yang Tian was trembling with anger and pointed at Liu Jiahui, “You, Liu Jiahui, are at least the richest man on Hong Kong Island, you are so rich and you still have to bend over for a mere five buckets of rice, don’t you feel ashamed?!”

Liu Jiahui looked at his deadly look and cursed in his heart, “Yang Tiansheng, you old b*****d, don’t drag me into this if you want to die yourself, okay? I can’t even serve this master, and you’re still here to cause me trouble!”

If you believe me, you should make apologies to Mr. Ye and beg for his forgiveness, otherwise, I can’t save you!”

Yang Tiansheng said in a cold voice: “Joke! I have been on Hong Kong Island for dozens of years, why would I apologize to such a brat from outside? I won’t even forgive him if he apologizes to me now! He must pay for what he just said and did!”

After saying that, he took out his mobile phone and said with a sinister face, “I’ll call Elder Hong now! If I don’t let this kid apologise to me on his knees today, I, Yang Tiansheng, will have been in vain after all these years on Hong Kong Island!”

When Liu Jiahui heard that he was going to call Hong Yuanshan, he subconsciously covered his face with his right hand and thought, “Yang Tiansheng, Yang Tiansheng, you are really going further and further down the road of death. Are you tired of living too long?”

So, he said helplessly, “If you don’t believe me, just call Hong Yuanshan, just tell him that you had a conflict with my customer, Mr. Ye, and you need his help, see if he dares to come and help you!”

Yang Tiansheng said coldly, “Mr. Hong is the master of the Hong Sect and has over ten thousand disciples under his command, there is nothing he can’t handle on Hong Kong Island, if his old man knew that you despise him so much, I’m afraid he would be furious right in front of you!”

Liu Jiahui was completely helpless and waved his hand, “I’ve said my piece, if you’re not convinced, let him come! Do you see him dare to come?”

Yang Tiansheng sneered, “I am very close to Mr. Hong, in Hong Kong Island, if I have any matter, Mr. Hong will step in to settle it, if you don’t believe me, we’ll see!”

With that, he took out his mobile phone and called Hong Yuanshan.