Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4554

The girl looked at Ye Chen with suggestive eyes, and when she bowed, she deliberately tried to make the neckline show more.

Ye Chen’s eyebrows were slightly knitted, although this girl was somewhat attractive, she really did not meet his eyes, moreover, he had always disliked such women who did not know how to clean themselves, so he just nodded coldly and did not say anything.

Liu Jiahui took Ye Chen’s performance in his eyes and knew that he must not like this kind of girl, so he immediately said to the second girl, “You, come and say hello to Mr. Ye.”

The girl was a little timid, but Yang Tiansheng coughed aside and her whole body trembled slightly, so she could only walk stiffly to Ye Chen and said timidly, “Hello Mr. Ye …… Ye …… Ye …… me …… my name is Xue …… Xue Ziqi ……”

Liu Jiahui was somewhat dissatisfied and said in a cold voice, “I told you to say hello to Mr. Ye, but you don’t even dare to look at Mr. Ye’s eyes, do you know how to be polite or not?”

The girl was frightened and hurriedly looked up at Ye Chen, in this instant, her expression was so shocked that she could not speak, and subconsciously blurted out, “Ah! How come it’s you!”

Ye Chen also recognised the girl.

Unexpectedly, it was actually the Chinese girl who was selling songs on the street that he had met near Tokyo University when he had gone to Japan.

Seeing that she was also dressed in a revealing manner like the girl just now, Ye Chen could not help but frown and ask, “Aren’t you studying in Japan? How come you came here?”

Liu Jiahui asked in surprise, “Mr. Ye, you know this girl?”

Ye Chen nodded and said indifferently, “I have met her once.”

The girl said very shamefacedly at this time, “I …… I …… I graduated last month …… originally… …originally wanted to stay in Japan to take my master’s degree, but Mr. Yang was willing to sign me and give me an album, so I came to Hong Kong Island and signed with Mr. Yang’s company ……”

Ye Chen said in a tone with a bit of rebuke, “Sing properly, compose properly, release an album, come here dressed like this, is that part of releasing an album?”

The girl’s eyes instantly reddened, the bureau raised her collar, and clenched her legs as much as possible, very ashamed choked: “I’m sorry Mr. Ye …… I’ve let you down …… ”

To Ye Chen, her heart had always been grateful.

When she was alone in the streets of a foreign country, selling songs and subsidizing her studies, Ye Chen generously gave her all the cash.

And later, when she was pestered by the Tokyo mob, it was also Ye Chen who did justice for her.

Just that one time, she couldn’t get Ye Chen out of her mind, but she also knew that she might never have the chance to meet him in her life.

Since then, she spent her time after school every day selling songs on the streets at the risk of being retaliated by the mob, just to see Ye Chen’s figure in the crowd again.

However, since then, Ye Chen had left Japan and never set foot on that street again.

Now that she suddenly saw Ye Chen here, she was not only surprised, but also, more than anything, ashamed.

Ye Chen glanced at Yang Tiansheng, he had heard about this old thief for a long time, he looked like a human being, but in fact he had a human face and a beast’s heart, the entertainment industry was already filthy, and he was even the black mountain old demon of filth.

So, he raised his hand and pointed at Yang Tiansheng, frowning and asking, “Did this old man force you to dress like this?”

When Yang Tiansheng heard this, he instantly cursed in anger, “Who the f*ck are you calling an old thing?”