Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4553

Soon, a middle-aged and elderly man, wearing gla*ses and very civilised, walked in with two young girls in tow.

The two young girls kept their heads down and looked very formal, probably because they were nervous.

As soon as Yang Tiansheng came in, he first saw Liu Jiahui sitting on the sofa opposite the door, so he smiled very familiarly and said: “Jiahui! I’d like to introduce you to the two newcomers I’ve just signed!”

Liu Jiahui waved his hand with a smile and said happily, “Don’t be in a hurry to introduce them, come on, I’ll introduce you to a young and talented new friend.”

With that, he then respectfully said to Ye Chen, “Mr Ye, if it’s convenient for you, I’ll introduce you!”

Yang Tiansheng just saw a back of Ye Chen’s head and was originally wondering why this person was so impolite, not even turning his head back when a guest came in, which made him feel a little unhappy in his heart as well.

However, once he heard Liu Jiahui use the title “you” to him, his heart thumped and he realised that this must be a big shot.

When he found out that Ye Chen was actually a young man in his twenties, he was even more surprised and hurriedly said, “Aiya, I didn’t expect Mr. Ye to be so young and talented, what a surprise!”

Ye Chen looked at him with interest and smiled, “Boss Yang, right, you don’t even know what I do yet, so why do you conclude that I am young and talented?”

Without thinking, Yang Tiansheng said, “I know Jiahui very well, if Mr. Ye can be his guest, then he must have extraordinary merits!”

Liu Jiahui smiled and introduced, “Tiansheng, Mr. Ye is the a*sistant chairman of Iso Shipping, and he came to Hong Kong Island this time specifically to discuss cooperation with me.”

As soon as Yang Tiansheng heard Liu Jiahui’s introduction, he felt some contempt in his heart and thought, “I thought it was some big shot, but I never thought it was just the a*sistant to the chairman of a shipping company, this Liu Jiahui is really getting more and more regressive now.”

In his heart, he said politely on the surface, “Oh, so Mr. Ye is with Isuzu Shipping, the company’s reputation is now soaring! To be able to work for such a big company, Mr. Ye must have a bright future!”

Liu Jiahui knew Yang Tiansheng very well, and seeing him say these words, he knew that he had somewhat underestimated Ye Chen in his heart.

However, he was also clear that Ye Chen did not want others to know about him being the master of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, so he looked at the two somewhat restrained newcomers and said to Yang Tiansheng, “Tiansheng, you haven’t introduced these two young ladies?”

Yang Tiansheng said with a smile, “Come, come, let me introduce them to you, these two are the newcomers that my company just signed this month, one is a new idol trainee, and the other is a creative singer that I personally tapped from abroad!”

Saying that, he greeted the two girls, “Quick, say hello to Mr. Liu!”

Liu Jiahui didn’t expect that although Yang Tiansheng was polite on the surface, when it came down to it, he directly ignored Ye Chen, so he quickly waved his hand and said, “No, no, no, you guys say hello to Mr. Ye first!”

At this moment those two girls could only see the back of Ye Chen’s head, hearing Liu Jiahui’s greeting, one of them hurried to the opposite side of Ye Chen, looked at Ye Chen, bowed and said, “Hello Mr. Ye! My name is Mi Le Qi, it’s nice to meet you!”

Ye Chen glanced at the girl, who was only about twenty years old and indeed had some beauty, but was dressed too revealingly, wearing a low-cut halter on top and an extremely short short skirt underneath, which was all white and fleshly at a glance.