Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4556

As the master of the Hong Sect, Hung Yuen Shan had an intricate relationship with the tainted entertainment circle.

In the past, the entertainment industry on Hong Kong Island was just a tool for a few of their big gangs to make money and launder money, and no matter how famous the big stars were, they were nothing more than ants in front of them.

At the peak of the development of Hong Kong’s film and television industry, the gang bosses were able to get the hottest stars to make films for them for zero pay, as long as they had a gun.

Not only did those big stars not dare to complain, they even tried to curry favour with them.

As for the female stars, it goes without saying that they were even more eager to get their hands on them.

There are even some male celebrities who, in order to make a name for themselves, take the initiative to cater to those old men who have a love for the dragon and the yang.

As a big shot in the entertainment industry, Yang Tiansheng has a decades-long friendship with Hong Yuanshan, who uses him to milk the entertainment industry for all it’s worth, and he uses Hong Yuanshan to consolidate his absolute prestige in the entertainment industry.

It can be said that the two are the best of partners, and have worked closely together for decades.

Therefore, at times like this, the first person he thought of was Hong Yuanshan, intending to call him over and give Ye Chen a direct king’s bomb!

At this moment.

Hong Yuanshan was just standing in front of the mirror in the luxurious bathroom of his mansion.

The corners of his mouth on both sides had been stitched up by a trusted doctor on his doorstep last night, but after the stitches, the wounds were still shocking, leaving his entire body incomparably dishevelled.

Moreover, according to Ye Chen’s request, he would soon have to donate his family fortune as well as all his houses and cars.

Although he was reluctant in his heart, he did not dare to disobey Ye Chen’s wishes, so he was ready to put on his mask and go and get this done right away.

Just then, he suddenly received a call from Yang Tiansheng, so he picked up the phone straight away and asked, “Tiansheng, what do you want from me?”

Yang Tiansheng said, “Mr. Hong, there’s something I need to ask you for a favour!”

Hong Yuanshan said, “Tiansheng, you and I have had a relationship for so many years, just say what you need.”

Yang Tiansheng glanced at Ye Chen and said through clenched teeth, “I’m here with Liu Jiahui, and there’s a kid surnamed Ye on his side who is so wild that he has insulted me repeatedly, so I can’t stand it anymore, so I’d like Mr. Hong to teach him a lesson for me!”

“A kid surnamed Ye?!” Hong Yuanshan’s heart thumped and he asked offhandedly, “Are you sure it’s the one surnamed Ye?!”

“That’s right!” Yang Tiansheng looked at Ye Chen and said coldly, “It’s the one surnamed Ye, the brat from the mainland!”

Hong Yuanshan’s heart trembled and he thought to himself, “Yang Tiansheng, did you not read the f*cking calendar this morning? There are millions of people on Hong Kong Island, who do you have to mess with but Ye Chen?”

Thinking of this, Hong Yuanshan’s first thought was to find an excuse to get out of it.

However, in the next second, he suddenly thought, “Since this stupid b*****d Yang Tiansheng has offended Ye Chen, he will naturally end up in a bad way, so why don’t I take this opportunity to show off in front of Ye Chen?

With this in mind, he immediately said, “Where are you, Tiansheng? I’ll bring someone over there!”

As soon as Yang Tiansheng heard this, a sinister smile emerged on his face as he spoke, “I’m at Liu Jiahui’s Hua Di building, in his office!”

“Good!” Hong Yuanshan said excitedly, “Wait, I’ll be right there!”

Yang Tiansheng hung up the phone and looked at Liu Jiahui with a cold smile on his face and said contemptuously, “Liu Jiahui, didn’t you say that Mr. Hong didn’t dare to come and help me? But Mr. Hong just said on the phone that he! Ma! Right away! Right away! Right away!”

Liu Jiahui was as smart as a human being, Hong Yuanshan had just been abused into a dog by Ye Chen yesterday, and the fact that he still dared to come today knowing that Ye Chen was here proved that he must have come to please Ye Chen.

If Hong Yuanshan came to curry favor with Ye Chen, then how could he, Yang Tiansheng, still end up in a good place?

Thinking of this, and looking at Yang Tiansheng’s smug face, he covered his face with his hands and let out a long sigh, ”Ai! It’s hard to persuade a ghost to die, I’m the one who talked too much! I’m the one who talked too much!”