Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3972

Fei Shanhai said with a grim look on his face, “Old Ma, leave this matter to you, pick a group of men and fly to Jinling today, no matter what, we must find the old master and see him alive and dead!”

Ma Hansheng carefully inquired, “Young master, if we find the old master and Miss Ke Xin, should I take a little initiative?”

Fei Shanhai hesitated for a moment and said coldly, “Go over and find the people first, if the situation is all under control, then put them under house arrest and let the old man not leave China until he dies; if the situation is out of control, then find a way to create an accident.”

At this moment, among several people, a middle-aged man in his early fifties spoke up and asked, “Dad, what about Kexin at that time? If this girl is not removed, she will definitely become a big problem in the future!”

The man who spoke was Fei Shanhai’s eldest son, Fei Jianzhong’s eldest grandson and Fei Kexin’s oldest cousin, Fei Xuebin.

Fei Xuebin is almost thirty years older than Fei Kexin, and his son is even three years older than Fei Kexin.

As the youngest sister of Fei Xuebin’s generation, Fei Kexin should have been treated like a star in the family.

But in fact, that was just an illusion under the old man’s power.

Because the old man was so fond of Fei Kexin, everyone showed their love and affection for her, and many of them were even kinder to her than the old man was to her.

But in reality, Fei Kexin’s wooden show has long been disliked by many people.

Fei Xuebin had always been displeased with Fei Kexin and felt that Fei Kexin was too prominent in the family and loved by the old man, threatening his position as the eldest son and grandson at all times.

Moreover, because Fei Kexin was more capable in her own right, she often indirectly slapped the rest of the Fei family in the face without even thinking about it.

Not only the older brothers and sisters who were of the same generation as Fei Kexin would be compared to Fei Kexin every now and then by the old man, who would sarcastically bash them in the process.

Even Fei Xuebin’s son and Fei Kexin’s nephew were often warned and spurred on by the old man because they were almost the same age as Fei Kexin but were far inferior to her in every way.

Over time, Fei has become a target in the family.

However, when the old man was around, everyone was able to keep this discontent deep in their hearts, but once the old man lost his power, everyone’s discontent lost its only restraint.

Fei Shanhai also felt that Fei Ke Xin would be a big problem in the future.

The old man would not live long, but Fei Kexin was only in her twenties.

Moreover, she was the only member of Fei’s family who was with him now.

If the old man becomes disillusioned and leaves a will to hand over the Fei family to her, then there will be real trouble.

The reason is that although Fei Shanhai has now used the highest emergency plan and successfully become the chairman of the board, this is only a reasonable and legal means to get the control of the Fei family.

As long as Master Fei is still alive, the shares and a*sets are still under his name.

If the old man were to hand over these shares and a*sets to Fei Kexin, then Fei Kexin would be the reasonable and legal heir.

If he really let Fei Kexin come back with the will, he would really be pa*sive by then.

So, Fei Shanhai pondered for a moment, nodded and spoke, “Find them and get rid of them all! Bring a few more experts over, including that Yuan Zixu, don’t keep them either!”

After saying this, Fei Shanhai looked at his son, Fei Xuebin, and instructed, “Xuebin, from today onwards, keep Lao Liu’s family under close surveillance and restrict them from leaving the country, so that if that girl, Kexin, really comes back one day, we will have an extra means of emergency!”