Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3973

At this moment, the Buckingham Palace Hotel.

The auction had already broken up, but Ye Chen did not leave immediately.

He had originally prepared a whole rejuvenation pill for the three VIPs tonight, half of which he gave to his grandfather Ye Zhongquan, while the other half was divided into two, to be given to Mr. Lai Qing Hua Lai, the old man, and that old queen from Northern Europe after the meeting.

This auction could attract so many rich people from Europe and America thanks to the help of these two people to promote and endorse it.

Therefore, Ye Chen deliberately prepared a simple banquet at Buckingham Palace and invited the three of them to have a snack.

Ye Zhongquan and Lai Qinghua already knew each other, so the two of them had a good conversation at the table, while Victoria, the old Nordic Queen, was obviously a little bit at ease at this table.

Although she was once the Queen of a country, she has now abdicated and lost her aura as the Queen.

And tonight at this auction, her self-confidence was not infrequently undermined by the wealthy people behind her who were frantically bidding. There was no doubt that she, who had come in through the back door, was at the absolute bottom of the wealth scale among these 200-odd people.

But Ye Chen had made over 170 billion in one night by selling the Spring Return Pill, and that was in US dollars, so while she was flattered to be sitting at this table right now, she was also feeling apprehensive.

However, Ye Chen, who had earned more than one hundred billion, remained humble in front of these three old men.

He personally poured wine for the three and personally rose to raise his cup, politely saying, “I thank the three of you for coming all the way here and supporting the junior today, this cup of wine is my toast to you!”

The three of them tried to stand up in unison, but Ye Chen said, “Please sit down, this is a toast from me as a junior to you all.

Lai Qing Hua was busy saying, “Young Master Ye, I am a python ……”

As soon as Ye Chen heard this, he knew that he was going to bring up the fate pattern again, so he quickly interrupted him and said, “Old Mr. Lai, that fate pattern thing, we don’t care about that at this table, if I didn’t know you, I would have had to get up and give up my seat for you even if I met you on the bus.

Ye Zhongquan was enjoying Ye Chen’s respect, so he hurriedly advised Lai Qinghua, “Mr. Lai, just sit down and don’t make things difficult for Chen’s son.”

Only then did Lai Qinghua nod and said with a clasped fist, “Young Master Ye, then allow me to be rude!”

Ye Chen smiled faintly and looked at the old empress beside him. The old empress was even more nervous and apprehensive at this moment, feeling that she could neither sit nor stand, and her legs were slightly strained, her buttocks always keeping a slight distance from the chair, half standing and half sitting to make her look even more senior.

Ye Chen was busy saying, “Lady Iliad, you are no more polite than this, please sit down.”

Only then did the old queen sit back in her chair and said gratefully, “I would also like to thank Mr Ye for his unprecedented invitation, otherwise I would not have been qualified to attend this auction.”

Ye Chen said with a smile, “I see that you have bid a few rounds at the beginning, how do you feel?”

The old queen said in an embarra*sed voice: “That was because I didn’t think I could afford it …… I thought I might have a chance to get the first copy of the Spring Return Pill by putting up my entire fortune, but I didn’t expect the first copy to fetch a sky-high price of two billion US dollars, which is already far beyond the wealth of our entire Iliad family ……”

Ye Chen smiled faintly, “In fact, I invited you to be the guest of honor because I hope you can come to the venue to support me, you go to the auction yourself, instead, you are somewhat degrading yourself.”

The old queen laughed twice, but in her mind she was thinking, “What’s the point of degrading myself, if I can get a copy of the Spring Recovery Pill, I’d be willing to spend all my money on it ……”

But how could she have the heart to say this, she could only say with a humble face, “Mr. Ye is right, I was a bit abrupt.”