Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3974

Ye Chen shook his head and said seriously, “I am not saying that you are being abrupt, I am saying that there is no need for you to compete with them because you are a VIP, whether you have more a*sets than them or not, your status here with me is higher than the two hundred or so of them.”

Hearing this, the old queen felt her inferiority complex finally ease a little.

Even though she was not strong, since Ye Chen had given her face so much, it was indeed enough to straighten her back.

In fact, although she had not been able to bid for the Spring Return Pill at the auction tonight, her presence as a VIP did make her feel facetious.

She hurriedly said respectfully, “Thank you, Mr. Ye, for thinking so highly of me, our entire Iliad family, too, owes its existence to your help, Mr. Ye ……”

After saying that, she hurriedly brought out her granddaughter Helena and said seriously, “Helena has often talked about Mr. Ye in front of me, during this period of time, she has been missing Mr. Ye very much and is very eager to see him again, but now that she has ascended to the throne, she has the restriction of being the Queen and cannot leave the country at will, so please forgive me Mr. Ye ……”

Ye Chen also knew that the old empress deliberately mentioned Helena, in fact, she wanted to get close to herself.

For this, Ye Chen naturally saw through it and said with a smile, “Please tell Helena that we will definitely meet again when we have the chance.”

The old empress nodded her head repeatedly and said with a look of anticipation, “Mr. Ye, if you have time, you are always welcome to bring Scandinavia here. Although it is not very convenient for Helena to leave the palace, the interior of the palace is still very private, so you can come to the palace for a few days when you have time.”

Ye Chen casually responded, “Good, I will go there when I have the chance later.”

After saying that, he looked at the old empress and then at Lai Qing Hua and said seriously, “By the way, the two old seniors have come all the way from Europe and America this time, so they have indeed made junior very grateful, so junior has also prepared some slight gifts for you, please don’t mind.”

After saying that, Ye Chen took out two rosewood boxes from his pocket and handed them to Lai Qing Hua and the old queen respectively.

Both of them seemed to have guessed that the boxes were likely to contain the Spring Return Pill, so they were both a little emotional all of a sudden.

Even an old man like Lai Qing Hua, who had walked through a hundred years of great storms, still had some difficulty holding it down.

Ye Chen spoke up at this time, “In these two wooden boxes are a quarter of a Spring Return Pill each, a small token of appreciation from my junior, just as two accompanying gifts, please accept them.”

Hearing that it was indeed a Spring Return Pill, both of their hands trembled a little at once.

The old empress had been looking forward to the Spring Return Pill for a long time, but today’s auction had shown her the market price of the Spring Return Pill, and she had been so devastated that she thought she might never have the chance to get it again in her life.

So when she saw that Ye Chen had taken the initiative to give her a copy, her tears of excitement came to her eyes at once.

Although Lai Qinghua had already taken a whole Spring Return Pill, he also knew that it was the reward Ye Chen had given him after he had broken the trap of the Dragon Trapped Shoal for him.

Since Ye Chen had escaped from the trap of the Dragon Trap, he had long since soared to the heavens and would no longer need to break the trap for him in the future, so he had once thought that he would never have the chance to obtain the Spring Return Pill again in his life.

But what he didn’t expect was that Ye Chen would take the initiative to give him a quarter of a Spring Return Pill as a thank you, which also made his heart thrilled.

The value of one Spring Return Pill, which could prolong life by at least ten to twenty years, was as high as US$38.2 billion at the auction.

To Lai Qing Hua, even if he were to give more money, it would not be worth this Spring Return Pill in his hand!