Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3931

The higher the price of the fourth Spring Recovery Pill, the more nervous those bidders who had originally wanted to compete for the last Spring Recovery Pill became deep inside.

This was because they felt more and more that if they did not seize the opportunity to take this one, they were bound to go home tonight without any success.

The price of the last Elixir could not be less than US$60 to US$70 billion in any case.

Although according to the split, each quarter pill would be less than $20 billion, the crux of the matter is that this latter $60 to $70 billion, which is beyond the ability of the vast majority of people to cash in.

The rules also restricted them from pooling their money to buy it, so those who didn’t have enough money could only settle for the second best, even if the unit price after this split was more expensive, they would have to accept it.

The reason why they came to the Spring Return Pill auction was that most of them were too old and had various health problems, and many of them were already terminally ill.

Once they had entered this state of counting their days for the rest of their lives, money was not as important to them.

In the end, this fourth copy of the Spring Return Pill was called all the way up to US$22 billion, which blew everyone’s mind.

No one had expected that the price of the first copy of the exact same item would be US$2 billion, and that the price of the last copy would surge to twenty-two billion.

At this moment, those who could afford to pay the price were, without exception, in agony.

On the one hand, they had a deep desire for the Spring Return Pill because of their health, but on the other hand, they could not accept a price difference of more than ten times.

After several struggles, the price of the Spring Return Pill was pushed up to nearly 25 billion.

The ten-fold difference in price caused many people to give up in agony, and only the last two people were still fighting for it.

These two, without exception, are both terminal cancer patients.

One, a British tycoon who has been suffering from liver cancer for many years, which has spread throughout his body and has been declared by doctors to have less than six months to live after many rounds of radiotherapy.

The other, a member of the famous Lee family in South Korea, had developed stomach cancer several years ago and after several battles had developed bone metastases and had developed resistance to targeted drugs, essentially leaving him with a last resort of palliative care and a life expectancy measured in months.

In the eyes of these two men, money was no longer important.

So the two men went back and forth, pushing the price ever higher.

Soon, the price was pushed up to US$30 billion by the British tycoon.

Originally, he had thought that at most US$50 billion would be enough to auction off that last whole Spring Return Pill, but never in his wildest dreams could he have imagined that the fourth copy had already reached the US$30 billion mark, and that this price had been shouted out by himself.

This was a fifteen-fold increase compared to the first copy.

But he had no choice.

Because if he could not get this copy of the Spring Return Pill, then he would definitely not live to see this time next year.

At this moment, everyone finally understood that this auction for the Spring Return Pill was in fact a rich man’s cloister in disguise.

Almost all the people it gathered were rich people who had a lot of wealth, but who were either dying soon or had been suffering in extreme pain.

It then offers only a very small number of opportunities to show them the truth: even if you can’t find salvation in the world, you can still find it here!

The only thing is that the chances of salvation are so few and far between that each and every one of you who desires to be saved will have to fight with all your might to defeat your opponents.

And the way to defeat your opponents is to compete with who can cut more flesh from their own bodies!

But what can these rich men do? They have no other choice at this moment but to live!