Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4186

Qiao Feiyun really didn’t think that in this world, someone would dare to cut off Fei Hao Yang’s ear.

This kind of thing, cutting off the ear, would probably not occur once in a lifetime among a large family.

Because this method was just a little too rough, no matter which big clan, once a member of the clan had his ear cut off, he would definitely fight with the other side at all costs.

He couldn’t help but mutter in his mind, “If it was really those ninjas who did it, they certainly wouldn’t have the guts to do it …… After all, the Fei family’s strength is there, not to mention the fact that the United States and Japan are thousands of miles apart, but once the Fei family really goes to their death, the entire Iga ninja would not be enough for the Fei family even if they put up a fight.”

Thinking about this, he wondered, “Could it be that the real culprits behind this are not those ninjas? But if not those ninjas, who else could it be? The young master of the Fei family doesn’t even take it into consideration, so I’m afraid the strength of this mysterious person is elusive ……”

Qiao Feiyun’s eyes suddenly went wide as he subconsciously asked himself in his mind, “Could it be Feiyu’s murderer?!”

At this moment, Qiao Feiyun’s body trembled violently with fear, and his entire body was also instantly tense to the point of being in a bit of a trance.

He knew very well that if the person behind the kidnapping of Fei Hao Yang was really the one who killed his brother Qiao Feiyu and made the entire Italian group vanish into thin air, then his next target would definitely be himself ……

The maid at the side saw Qiao Feiyun’s face full of panic, and his body was trembling uncontrollably, so he hurriedly asked, “Young Master Qiao …… You …… What’s wrong with you?”

Qiao Feiyun came back to his senses and quickly waved his hands and said, “It’s nothing …… I just …… I didn’t expect …… I didn’t expect anyone to dare to do this to Young Master Fei ……”

“Yes ……” The maid also couldn’t help but sigh, “I heard that the master is going crazy ……”

Qiao Feiyun hurriedly asked, “What else have you heard?”

The maid thought for a moment, “There doesn’t seem to be much else …… I heard that after the young master was kidnapped, the housekeeper asked us all to serve the ladies in the house, for fear that someone who couldn’t stand the excitement would have something happen, the great grandmother was stunned on the spot when she saw young master Hao Yang’s ears, I have been following and serving, just as someone changed shifts, I rushed to bring you food.”

Saying that, she hurriedly handed the plastic bag in her hand to Qiao Feiyun, somewhat shy and somewhat ashamed, “Sorry ah young master Qiao, the situation is urgent, I can’t well let the back kitchen cook for you alone anymore, so I brought some convenient food over ……”

Qiao Feiyun smiled slightly, nodded and said, “Thank you ……”

The maid said shyly, “Young Master Qiao you don’t have to be polite to me …… Anyway …… I’m already your person anyway ……”

Qiao Feiyun nodded, deliberately pretending to be stupid and smiled, but in his heart he was cursing: “D*mn, a goods that can’t be on the stage, and still f*cking want to pretend to be pure and close to her, what the hell.”

However, there was nothing unusual on his face, instead he said very gently, “Xiao Yuan, keep an eye out for me, if you find anything over there, remember to tell me first.”

He took off his Richard Miller watch, worth over three million dollars, and handed it to the maid, saying, “Hope, I came to New York in a hurry and have nothing to give you, so take this watch as a small gift from me.”

The maid had been working for the Fei family for five years, and although she didn’t have much money herself, she was definitely well-informed. She knew that Richard Mille was a very expensive watch brand, and that a basic watch would cost several hundred thousand dollars to start with, and the piece Qiao Feiyun was wearing was a limited edition, priced at least two or three million dollars.

When she saw that Qiao Feiyun was going to give her this watch, she was shocked and delighted and wanted to reach out to take it, but then said with a nervous look on her face, “Young Master Qiao …… This …… This is too valuable …… I can’t accept it ……”

Qiao Feiyun said very seriously, “Xiao Yuan, you have just said that you are now my person, how can I, Qiao Feiyun, be stingy when I give gifts to my own woman?”

When the maid heard this, her heart was instantly sweetened to the core and she said happily, “Then …… Then, thank you, Young Master Qiao ……”

Qiao Feiyun smiled, “There’s no need to be so polite with me.”