Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4185

They sent a large number of people to search for witnesses near the scene of the incident in Brooklyn, and then promised $100,000 in cash for video of what happened at the time of the incident.

On top of that, the Fayers promised to pay cash to anyone who provided video, without recording any of their personal information, in order to put pa*sers-by at ease.

Needless to say, this worked well for them.

The news soon spread through Brooklyn, and those who had caught the incident on film came running to sell the video to the Fay family.

In the space of twenty minutes, the Fay family had bought eight videos of the incident taken from different perspectives.

However, some of them started filming from Fei Xuebin kissing the prostitute, while others, from Fei Xuebin finding two ears.

It was the latter that the Fei family wanted.

Because they wanted to take this opportunity to sell themselves in front of the media and the audience.

It was just that the family never dreamed that four of these eight pa*sers-by who sold them the video were all members of the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons.

Chen Zhao Zhong had predicted that the Fei family would definitely find a way to reverse their reputation, and would definitely use the opportunity to sell misery, so this step by step, was all within his calculation.

The reason why these members of the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons were nearby disguised as pa*sers-by to take videos was to provide the Fei family with the shields and ammunition needed for their defence.

Even the ones who had exposed Fei Xuebin’s pa*sionate kiss with a prostitute on the street in the first place were also from the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple.

Fei Shanhai never dreamed that the people who attacked them, as well as the people who provided them with defensive support, were actually Ye Chen’s people.

The powerful Fei family, at this moment, were like rats pressed into a maze by Ye Chen, seemingly running out of every step on their own, but they did not know that how they ran and where they ran, were all precisely controlled by a pair of big invisible hands.

And just as the Fei family was looking for the video, Qiao Feiyun, who was hiding in the Fei family, also saw the video of Fei Xuebin kissing the street girl on the internet.

This made his heart amazed. According to reason, when Fei Hao Yang went missing, shouldn’t Fei Xuebin be trying to find Fei Hao Yang’s whereabouts?

How could he have the leisure to go to the streets of Brooklyn and kiss a twenty dollar woman on the street?

Qiao Feiyun couldn’t figure it out, so he muttered darkly, “Maybe Fei Hao Yang’s father has his own rather unique alternative fetish ……”

As he said that, Qiao Feiyun felt a twitch in his stomach.

It was already the latter part of the night, and he hadn’t had a hot meal all night.

This was also mainly because, on weekdays, his meals were brought over by a maid who served Fei Hao Yang specifically.

Since Qiao Feiyun had lived in the Fei family, Fei Hao Yang had been in close contact with him, so the maid knew that he was a good friend of the young master, so she paid extra attention to him, and came to bring him his meals every day at mealtime and clean up afterwards.

However, the Fei family suddenly had a change of heart and it seemed that everyone was busy all of a sudden, and the maid did not show up for the whole night.

Qiao Feiyun didn’t know if she had forgotten about herself or was too busy to care.

Just as Qiao Feiyun was starving, a footstep came, followed by a knock on the door, and outside the door, the maid asked softly, “Are you asleep, Young Master Qiao?”

Qiao Feiyun hurriedly rolled onto his back and opened the door quickly. Seeing that the woman did not have the huge lunch box with her, but merely carried a plastic bag, he hurriedly pulled her into the room and asked in a low voice, “What is the situation outside now? Has there been any news from Young Master Fei?”

The maid explained with some apprehension, “Young Master Hao Yang has not been found yet, the eldest young master just went to Brooklyn and brought back two human ears …… It is said …… It is said to be Young Master Hao Yang’s ……”

Qiao Feiyun’s eyes suddenly widened and he asked in horror, “What did you say?!”