Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4184

In Fei Shanhai’s opinion, it doesn’t matter if you are misunderstood, as long as the misunderstanding can be completely lifted as soon as possible, you can often get better results instead.

If you don’t believe me, take a look at romance films from around the world, where men and women who start off with preconceptions about each other often fall in love with each other after the preconceptions are broken.

This is how human nature works.

Therefore, Fei Shanhai felt that this was instead a good opportunity for crisis communication.

As long as he seized this opportunity and gave Fei Xuebin the persona of a great father, not only would he be able to turn the tide against the wind, he would also bring the Fei family a better ma*s base.

At this time, his younger brother Fei Shanchuan spoke up, “Big brother, it’s a bit deliberate to have reporters come to the house directly, even if the kidnappers aren’t angered, the public will think we’re deliberately selling out.”

Fei Shanhai asked rhetorically, “Then what do you think should be done?”

Fei Shanchuan hastened to offer his advice, “Brother, in my opinion, why don’t we do the same as that video, first release the news of Hao Yang’s kidnapping and Xuebin’s rescue through the hands of a third party, then push the news in the dark and let the news ferment, then the media will definitely take the initiative to approach us, then we will accept the interview and make the truth of the matter public. ”

Fei Shanhai nodded repeatedly: “Good idea! This way, it will seem more natural!”

When Fei Xuebin heard this, he hurriedly said, “Dad! There were quite a few people at the scene, and a few of them took out their mobile phones to take videos. They must have captured the whole process on video, especially the process of me pouring out Hao Yang’s ear from that box.

Fei Shanhai immediately said, “Order it down, offer a reward of 100,000 dollars to find the video shooter, and then post these videos on the internet!”

“Yes!” Fei Xuebin hurriedly said, “I’ll go arrange it now!”

After saying that, he remembered something and hurriedly asked, “Dad, I’ve already had that woman under control, should we interrogate her?”

“Let it go, there’s no point.” Fei Shanhai waved his hand, “That woman is clearly a pawn, it’s impossible to ask anything out of her even if she is beaten to death.”

Fei Xuebin nodded, “Okay dad, I’ll give the order.”

Just as Fei Xuebin was about to follow what Fei Shanhai had said and go look for the pa*serby who had filmed the video at the scene, his phone suddenly received a text message from an unfamiliar number.

The text message read, “If you want your son to live, prepare US$200 billion in crypto-digital currency within the next 48 hours, otherwise, wait until you collect your son’s corpse!”

Fei Xuebin’s heart stuttered and he blurted out, “Dad …… These people said …… They want US$200 billion before they will let them go ……”

“How much?!” Fei Shanhai’s eyebrows knitted as he questioned in a cold voice, “Two hundred billion dollars? Have these people lost their minds?! What kind of f*cking kidnappers dare ask for two hundred billion dollars?!”

Fei Xuebin was also shocked, what was the concept of US$200 billion? According to the current share price, it could buy two Jingdong Group!

Fei Shanchuan, who was also dumbfounded, couldn’t help but mutter, “This is no f*cking sincerity at all …… If he asks for a little less, a billion or two billion dollars, then they have some brains, but when he asks for 200 billion dollars, he doesn’t even know how to return the f*cking offer ……”

Fei Shanhai said in a cold voice: “Tell them that I am willing to pay them two billion dollars worth of cryptocurrency as long as they release Hao Yang!”

Fei Xuebin immediately called the other party back, but without exception, the mobile number was also switched off.

Fei Shanhai said in a cold voice, “These b*****ds, they don’t even give a chance to bargain! Do they really think that by kidnapping someone from the Fei family, they can extort 200 billion dollars?!”

Fei Xuebin asked him, “Dad …… What should we do now? …… The other side has only given us 48 hours ……”

Fei Shanhai said with a gloomy face, “Be calm! Since the other side has given us 48 hours, we should ignore him for now. During these 48 hours, what we need to do is to reverse public opinion on the one hand, and find these Japanese ninjas by all means! If we can’t, we’ll send someone to Japan and arrest all their relatives, if they dare to kill Hao Yang, I’ll kill their whole family!”


Soon after, the Fei family began their own crisis PR.