Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4183

There were even more damaging comments, “You all don’t know that the Fei family has invested in a large number of drug research and development teams as well as biological laboratories over the years, I reckon the Fei family may have developed a special drug to treat AIDS, and Young Master Fei is planning to contract AIDS himself and then test the drug on himself!”

On the internet, there were all sorts of sarcastic and sarcastic comments, and in all sorts of languages, simply tuning out the gossiping pa*sion of netizens around the world.

The public opinion of the Fei family is getting worse and worse, Fei Xuebin is also anxious, crying to Fei Shanhai said: “Dad, you help me think of a way ah, if this matter continues to ferment like this, not my face alone, is the face of our entire Fei family ah …… ”

The most important thing that Fei Xuebin was worried about at this time was that this incident would cause him to lose his reputation.

If in the future everyone who sees him, or hears the word Fei Xuebin, will immediately a*sociate him with his kissing of a street girl, then his future in this life will be completely finished, he will be like a bad artist, and his father, in the future, will never let him succeed as the head of the Fei family.

Therefore, he could only beg his father to think of a way to help him reverse this situation.

Fei Shanhai was also very worried at this time.

Not only was he worried about his son’s reputation, he was also worried about the future of the Fei family.

After all, he had just taken the position of the Fei family’s head, and there had been rumours of his usurpation of power and his seizure of the throne, which had caused the Fei family itself to carry a lot of negative influences, and now if this matter was allowed to fester, then the Fei family’s reputation would only get worse and worse.

Thinking of this, he could not help but grit his teeth and said offhandedly, “In this situation now, if I want to save the day, I can only sell misery ……”

“Sell misery?!” The Fei family members looked towards Fei Shanhai, many of them had already guessed what he was going to do.

Fei Shanhai spoke at this time, “We must completely eliminate the negative impact Xuebin is having now, but the internet is spreading too fast and copying too fast, there is no way we can get all the platforms around the world to delete the video, that would only turn the public off even more …… ”

Speaking of this, Fei Shanhai’s voice sank as he coldly said, “So, the only thing we can do now is to hurry up and set up a new persona for Xuebin!”

The crowd looked puzzled, and Fei Xuebin also asked with some confusion, “Dad, what kind of persona are you going to give me?”

Fei Shanhai said, “To create a persona of a great father for you!”

He said, “Since the whole internet is now focusing on your scandal, let’s just tell everyone openly and honestly that the reason why you did what you did on the video was not because you were looking for a woman or had any special fetishes, but because your son was kidnapped and you had to go to the danger alone because of your love for your son! This would not only overturn all the negativity on the internet, it would also give you a lot of supporters! Your image in the eyes of the public will reach a peak!”

Hearing this, Fei Shanhai’s second brother, Fei Shanchuan, couldn’t help but ask, “Big brother, do you mean to publicise the matter of Hao Yang’s kidnapping?!”

“Right!” Fei Shanhai said without hesitation, “That’s right! It’s all about releasing it all to reverse the situation!”

Saying that, Fei Shanhai added, “And we have to strike while the iron is hot, immediately contact the media reporters and let them come to the house to cover the story, turning pa*sivity into initiative!”

Fei Xuebin hurriedly said, “Dad! Will this anger the kidnappers? If we provoke them, I’m afraid Hao Yang will be in a bad way ……”

“No.” Fei Shanhai waved his hand and spoke, “Do you think they will stop without getting the money? They have done so much with all their heart and soul, but don’t they just want the money? If they kill Hao Yang, then they won’t get anything!”