Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4075

Ye Chen’s words startled Auntie Li.

                She said in surprise, “Ye Chen, you …… are telling the truth?! A large orphanage for 10,000 people, this …… this would require a lot, a lot of money to be invested, I’m afraid?!”

                Ye Chen smiled faintly and said seriously, “Auntie Li, I myself am considered half an orphan, the little ones who live and grow up together are also poor children without fathers and mothers, now that I have some ability, I should also do what I can for the orphan group, as for money, it doesn’t matter.”

                The first time I considered this matter, I thought of asking you to go back to be the director, but when I thought of the fact that you have already retired and settled in Canada, it was hard to adapt to the environment here, so it would be unbearable for me to ask you to go back to work ……”

                Speaking of this, Ye Chen added: “However, now I have seen the situation over here in Canada, there are indeed still some risks in terms of security issues, so I still hope that you can return to settle in your country, and by the way, you can also help me to make the orphanage.”

                When Auntie Li heard this, she was in an overwhelming mood and said, “Good! Great! Ye Chen, auntie is willing to go back!”

                Hearing this, Li Xiaofen at the side was in an extraordinarily excited mood, and was happy, when she suddenly remembered something and hurriedly said to Ye Chen again, “Brother Ye Chen, both Auntie Li and I are willing to go back to China, only the matter of the dean, I am afraid that Auntie Li’s body can’t come, after her kidney transplant, although her body has recovered, she still needs to take anti-rejection medicine regularly, and the doctor has also explained that she must pay attention to maintenance and must not work too hard ……”

                Hearing this, Ye Chen couldn’t help but ask in surprise, “Auntie Li, you …… were really sick in the first place?”

                Ye Chen remembered that when he had just met Gu Qiuyi, he had specifically gone to Auntie Li for confirmation.

                At that time, Auntie Li told herself that she had actually been obeying Tang Sihai’s orders to take care of herself at the orphanage, and that even being sick was a deliberate act of a bitter trick.

                At that time, Auntie Li’s body had already recovered, so Ye Chen did not notice anything unusual.

                Now when he heard Li Xiaofen say that Auntie Li had to take anti-rejection medicine for a long time, he immediately couldn’t help but ask about it.

                Auntie Li also said with some shame, “Ye Chen …… at that time you came to the orphanage to find me, it was the Tang housekeeper who specially explained that I said that, I knew the truth of the matter, probably just a few minutes earlier than you, the reason why the Tang housekeeper wanted me to tell you those things was to inspire your desire to avenge your parents so that you could return to Yanjing ……”

                Speaking of this, Auntie Li could not help but sigh and lament, “In fact, you are not the only one who has been kept in the dark in the entire orphanage, so am I. Back then, of all the employees of the orphanage, I was the only one who was recruited, everyone else, without exception, was arranged by Housekeeper Tang, and most of them were your father’s old department ……”

                Hearing this, Ye Chen couldn’t help but sigh and said, “So that’s how it is …… Auntie Li, thank you! For taking care of me for so many years, I’ve made you and housekeeper Tang go through a lot of trouble!”

                Auntie Li hurriedly waved her hand and said, “Don’t say that, I take care of you, that’s my job duty, that’s what I should do, and after I got sick, if it wasn’t for you and housekeeper Tang, how could I have had the chance to go to Yanjing to receive the best treatment …… Moreover, for other people with uremia, they transplant one kidney, I was transplanted two, the one to thank is actually me!”

                Ye Chen remembered something, then he was busy saying, “Auntie Li, let me take your pulse! Let’s see how your body is actually doing now.”

                Li Xiaofen at the side was surprised and asked, “Brother Ye Chen …… when did you learn to take your pulse?”

                Ye Chen laughed, “I know a lot of things, so I can’t report to you one by one.”

                Auntie Li had vaguely heard of Ye Chen’s abilities when she was in Jinling, and there were even people who called him Master Ye, so she didn’t doubt it and handed her hand to Ye Chen.