Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4567

Ye Chen’s words caused Liu Jiahui’s expression to flinch.

This was the first time he had heard such a statement.

If someone else had said these words, he would have scoffed and thought that the other party was just a hypocritical self-aggrandisement.

On Hong Kong Island, where the entertainment industry was well developed, which man, when he had money, did not want to get involved in the entertainment industry and have some scandals with stars of the opposite sex?

There are not even a few who marry celebrities back home.

However, Ye Chen felt that having something to do with the entertainment industry was a disgrace to him, which was obviously not in line with reality.

However, when Liu Jiahui thought about it carefully, he immediately found out a very shocking fact.

That is, in Hong Kong Island, those who really like to get involved with celebrities are often the second generation of the rich.

And the rich generation who really started with nothing, mostly do not take the entertainment industry into consideration.

Even, this is often the case on Hong Kong Island.

The son is madly in pursuit of a big showbiz star, and at one point even wants to take the big star home as his wife.

However, the head of the family does not give him any chance at all and simply turns the star away.

There are even some stars who have given birth to several children to the rich second generation, but in the end, they did not end up marrying into the rich family.

The reason for this is that the rich generation, who started with nothing, are much better than the rich generation with the golden key, in terms of ability, drive, insight and self-positioning, and are simply not on the same level as the rich generation.

In the eyes of the rich generation, the big celebrities that the rich generation is obsessed with are not even on the top of the list, let alone marry them as their daughters-in-law.

Through the words of Ye Chen just now, it can also be seen that Ye Chen’s segment is also too much better than the rich generation.

In Ye Chen’s eyes, the entertainment industry, which everyone in the rich generation loved, was not even on the stage.

After thinking about this, he said with a bit of a blush: “Mr. Ye, you are right …… Truly successful people really shouldn’t get too close to the entertainment industry ……”

Ye Chen smiled faintly and spoke, “I almost forgot that Mr. Liu had quite a few encounters with the entertainment industry back then, I was just saying my personal opinion, Mr. Liu need not take it to heart.”

Liu Jiahui laughed awkwardly and hurriedly changed the subject, “Mr. Ye, let’s talk about cooperation!”

Ye Chen looked at the time and smiled, “It’s almost noon, why don’t we wait until we’ve had lunch before we talk, what do you think?”

“No problem.” Liu Jiahui was busy saying, “Then it’s not too late to wait until after lunch to talk.”

Ye Chen nodded, and his phone suddenly received a call from Fei Ke Xin at that moment.

He then said to Liu Jiahui, “Excuse me, Mr. Liu, I have to take a call.”

Liu Jiahui was busy saying, “After you.”

Ye Chen pressed the answer button, put the phone to his ear, and spoke, “Hello, Miss Fei.”

On the phone, Fei Kexin said respectfully, “Mr. Ye, I am calling to report to you that the plane Chen Zhao Zhong is on will land at the Hong Kong Island airport in about two and a half hours, that is, at 2pm local time, so please be prepared to deal with it.”

Ye Chen glanced at Liu Jiahui, he and Liu Jiahui were sitting opposite each other, the distance was quite far, so he thought it was impossible for Liu Jiahui to hear the content on the phone, so he said with a smile, “Miss Fei is kind, I have made all the arrangements on this side, Miss Fei can rest a*sured.”

As he said that, he heard the faint whirring of an aircraft engine on Fei Ke Xin’s phone, so he asked, “Is Miss Fei on the plane now?”