Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3995

Until Ye Chen and Xiao Churan, had dinner with Kelly West and returned to the room, the mysterious person who sent the text message, still had not given Ye Chen any reply.

                Ye Chen also tried to call him quietly, but his phone was still switched off.

                Ye Chen was still a bit uneasy, so he sent another text message back to the number, which read, “If you are a friend of Xiaofen’s and are acting out of goodwill, please tell me some more specific information, thank you.”

                The message was sent, but it always sank like a stone.

                Xiao Churan was still a bit tired after a long day’s journey, so after taking a bath, she couldn’t bear the drowsiness and went to bed.

                After taking a bath, Ye Chen wrapped himself in a bathrobe and went to the terrace of the Presidential Suite on the top floor of the building, looking at the lights outside and feeling mixed emotions.

                Although it was his first time in Providence, New York, two to three hundred kilometres away from Providence, was the city where his grandfather’s family had settled.

                A few thousand kilometres away, in the San Francisco Bay Area on the west coast, was Stanford University, where his mother, An Chengqi, had studied, and Silicon Valley, where he had built his own legend.

                When he came to the United States again after more than 20 years, his thoughts of his mother came out like a tidal wave.

                As he remembered his childhood memories with his parents, his heart dripped with blood, and he couldn’t help but ask himself once again who had killed his parents back then, and what the other party’s motive was.

                In addition, he also wanted to know why his parents could still be killed when the Ye family was second to none in China and the An family stood at the top of the international pyramid.

                As he thought about this, Ye Chen’s heart was filled with mixed feelings.

                What could he do even if he had the means to do so?

                He still couldn’t find out what had happened back then and what the hidden agenda was.

                If he could get back his parents’ lives, he would be willing to give up everything he had, even if he had to give up the Jiu Xuan Tian Jing.

                It was a pity that the world would not give him a chance to exchange.

                As he sighed, his mobile phone suddenly rang.

                He had thought that it might be a message back from that mysterious person, but to his surprise, it was yet another strange phone number starting with +1.

                Ye Chen retrieved his thoughts and pressed the answer button, asking alertly, “Hello, who is it?”

                Lai Qing Hua’s voice came from the other end of the line, “Young Master Ye, it’s me, Lai Qing Hua.”

                Ye Chen faintly froze and asked in a respectful tone, “Mr. Lai, why do you have time to call me at this late hour?”

                Lai Qinghua busily said, “Back to Young Master Ye, there was an important matter, I did not dare to delay, so I called you at the first opportunity.”

                Ye Chen asked, “Old Mr. Lai, what is the important matter, please tell me directly.”

                Lai Qing Hua said solemnly, “Your grandfather, just now, called me and asked me about the Spring Return Pill.”

                “My grandfather?” Ye Chen frowned and asked, “Was it my great uncle who told him about the Spring Return Pill after he returned?”

                “Yes.” Lai Qinghua said, “Your grandfather said that he wanted to buy the Spring Return Pill and hoped that I could help with the matchmaking.”

                Ye Chen asked him, “Old Mr. Lai, then did you ask him what he intended to do with buying the Spring Return Pill?”

                “I did.” Lai Qinghua said, “But your grandfather said it was inconvenient to reveal, so I presume that the odds are that he needs it himself, but he cannot let the outside world know that he is experiencing a health condition.”

                As he said that, Lai Qing Hua added, “He was looking for me to find out through what channel I got the Spring Return Pill, but I had already told him that this matter was a matter of heavenly opportunity, and it was also inconvenient to reveal.”

                “I also told him clearly that if he wanted to obtain the Spring Return Pill, he would have to sign up for next year’s Spring Return Pill Auction.”

                “But I was afraid that he would monitor my phone, so I changed it to a phone that no one knows about, to give you a report.”

                “Also in the future you should not contact my previous phone, this one is not even known to my family, you can call this number to find me if you have something.”

                “Okay!” Ye Chen responded and said, “It’s hard on you, Old Mr. Lai.”

                “You should!” Lai Qinghua said, “I have just done a fortune reading for your grandfather, he has indeed had a lot of bad luck recently, and the next two to three years are overall more dangerous, but in the short term, there should be no danger, so you don’t have to worry too much, and if there are any updates over there, I will also relay them to you at the first opportunity.”

                “Okay old Mr. Lai, you’ve worked hard.”