Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3996

                After hanging up Lai Qing Hua’s phone, Ye Chen couldn’t help but ponder in his heart, “Great uncle came to buy the Spring Return Pill, it seems that it should be for Grandpa, and combined with Old Mr. Lai’s trigram, it should be that Grandpa’s body has some kind of condition.”

                Thinking of this, a thought also flashed through Ye Chen’s mind, was it to confirm Grandpa’s situation, and if the situation was critical, should he lend a helping hand.

                However, when he thought back to the question he had just asked when he was thinking about his parents, Ye Chen’s heart was a little indignant.

                If the An family was so strong, why had they not found out the truth about their parents’ death for twenty years after their death?

                On top of that, he still remembered that when he followed his mother back to the United States to visit her family, his grandfather had never had a good face for her.

                Whenever his mother returned to her room after she had tried to keep up with her grandparents and her relatives, she would always shed tears.

                Grandpa’s family, on the other hand, treated his father even worse, and often when he came back to stay for some days, Grandpa would rarely say a few words to him.

                So, thinking about all this, Ye Chen was more or less complaining to his grandfather.

                Since he needed the Spring Return Pill at the moment and the situation was not very urgent, let him sign up for the auction himself next year.

                With his financial strength, it would not be a problem for him to get a Spring Return Pill at the auction.

                Apart from that, Ye Chen still had Li Xiaofen on his mind.

                He always felt that the warning text message was unlikely to have been created out of nothing.

                So, he waited for the other party to reply.

                However, until early the next morning, Ye Chen still had not been able to wait for that mysterious person’s reply.

                As Xiao Churan was still sound asleep in bed, Ye Chen called the waiter to bring breakfast to the room first.

                Afterwards, Ye Chen added a small amount of Spring Returning Pill to Xiao Churan’s gla*s of milk while she was still awake, as a way to help her recover her strength.

                As the effect of the Spring Return Pill was too obvious, Ye Chen did not dare to add too much at once, so he planned to let her take one Spring Return Pill gradually over the next month or so.

                After Xiao Churan woke up and ate breakfast, she really felt refreshed and the tiredness of yesterday’s body instantly disappeared without a trace.

                Not only that, she even felt her body was full of strength.

                She could not help but express her doubts to Ye Chen, who only attributed it all to the fact that she had slept well last night.

                Afterwards, Ye Chen changed his clothes and accompanied her to leave the hotel and walk to the Rhode Island School of Design to report for duty.

                The Rhode Island School of Design, right next to the Hilton Hotel, was only a wall away from the hotel and the school, so it only took a few minutes to walk to the school.

                At this time, the main entrance of the Rhode Island School of Design had already been hung with materials for this mastercla*s, and a number of design-related journalists could even be seen filming the event.

                The reason for the media’s interest in this mastercla*s is not only because there are many top designers who will be instructors in person, but also because the participants include many celebrity designers who are already well known around the world.

                In the design world, this is considered an absolute big event, so it has received a lot of attention.

                During the check-in process, Xiao Churan recognised many famous designers, and originally she couldn’t resist and wanted to get their autographs for a photo, but Ye Chen kept reminding her that these people would be her cla*smates in the future, so she shouldn’t lower herself to a lower level than others right from the start.

                After Ye Chen accompanied Xiao Churan to complete all the check-in procedures, it was already noon.

                The two of them went back to the hotel to get a car and went to downtown Providence to get familiar with the city they would be living in for a month or so.

                In the city centre, Ye Chen chose a relatively high-end western restaurant and had lunch with Xiao Churan.

                While they were enjoying their lunch, Ye Chen’s mobile phone received a text message once again.

                When he opened it, it was from that mysterious person!

                Ye Chen hastily opened the message, only to see that the text message read: “Li Xiaofen is in great distress, it’s urgent! Please come to Vancouver quickly!!!”