Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3997

Seeing this text message, Ye Chen’s brows tightened and he immediately called the other party.

                However, a tone soon came from the phone, telling him that the other party had switched off his phone!

                This caused Ye Chen’s heart to feel a sense of anger at being teased.

                So, he immediately stood up and said to Xiao Churan, “Wife, I’m going out to make a call.”

                Xiao Churan noticed that Ye Chen’s face was not right and wanted to ask the reason, but she was afraid of delaying Ye Chen’s business, so she nodded and said softly, “Go quickly.”

                Ye Chen took his mobile phone and went out of the restaurant, and in a location where there was no one around, he called Wan Bajun directly.

                As soon as the call came through, he immediately said to Wan Bajun, “Bajun, I have a number that I need you to check for me! Find out exactly who is using this number, where the person is, and be as precise as possible with the location!”

                Without thinking, Wan Bajun said, “Mr. Ye, please tell my subordinate the number you want to check, I’ll have someone check it out!”

                Ye Chen immediately told Wan Bajun the number.

                After only three minutes, Wan Bajun called Ye Chen back.

                After Ye Chen got through, Wan Bajun said, “Mr. Ye, I had someone check the phone number you sent me, and this number is a mobile phone number from Canada, and the operator is Bell Communications;”

                “However, this is an anonymous prepaid mobile phone card, so I can’t find out any information about the user, although most of these cards are more often purchased by foreign tourists, they can also be purchased by anyone at will in Canada, I’m afraid it will take some time to find out who it really is, and it will be very difficult;”

                Speaking of this, Wan Breaking Jun added, “I have already asked my men, to try to determine the exact location of the other party based on the information of the base station they use, but to determine the exact coordinates of the other party, they need to keep the other party in the network for at least a minute or two, but the other party has a strong sense of anti-reconnaissance, he does not turn on the network for more than thirty seconds each time, so we can only find out his approximate location. “

                Ye Chen was busy asking, “What is the approximate location?”

                Wan Bajun explained, “The base station that the other party has used is located near Chinatown in Vancouver, Canada, the maximum coverage radius of the base station signal is more than two kilometres, so we can only determine that the other party is definitely in the area of Chinatown, the exact location cannot be determined yet.”

                When Ye Chen heard this, he was startled.

                If the user of this mobile phone was not in Vancouver, then Ye Chen could also a*sume that this could be some kind of prank, or a kind of telecommunication scam in its warm-up phase.

                No matter what the other party’s purpose was, at least he was not a direct threat to Li Xiaofen.

                However, Wan Bajun’s men had already located the user of this mobile phone to Vancouver’s Chinatown.

                Then this proved that the user of this mobile phone was right next to Li Xiaofen!

                This made Ye Chen’s heart tense up again.

                So, he asked Wan Bajun, “Is there any way to determine the other party’s exact location as soon as possible? At least narrow down the accuracy to within a radius of 100 metres.”

                Wan Bajun explained, “Mr. Ye, if you want to narrow down the positioning accuracy to within a radius of 100 metres, you must let the other party stay in the network for at least a minute or two, so that it is possible to pinpoint his location through the data between him and multiple base stations, if the other party is only on for thirty seconds at a time, it is technically impossible to achieve accurate positioning. “

                After listening to Wan Bajun’s introduction, Ye Chen knew that this habit of the other party of turning off his phone after sending messages must be to avoid base station positioning, and this method also seemed to be very effective indeed now.

                He then asked Wan Bajun, “Do you have manpower in Canada?”

                Wan Bajun said ashamedly, “Back to Mr. Ye, the main area of activity of the Ten Thousand Dragon Temple is the Middle East and Africa, the North American side is the territory of the American mercenary corps as well as some overseas gangs, we generally do not intervene.”

                Saying that, Wan Bajun added, “But if you need it, I will send someone over now!”

                Ye Chen fell into hesitation for a moment.

                If Li Xiaofen’s current situation was really an urgent one, then I’m afraid there was no time to delay.

                And if Wan Bajun sent someone from the Middle East to Vancouver, Canada, the flight distance alone would be over 10,000 kilometres.