Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3976

Saying that, Ye Zhongquan added, “By the way, your great uncle came to the auction and wanted to take the Spring Return Pill away with him, I wonder who he was planning to buy it for, your grandfather or your grandmother?”

“I’m not sure.” Ye Chen spoke, “I haven’t had any contact with him yet, so I don’t know who he bought the Spring Return Pill for.”

Ye Zhongquan said, “Chen’er, I think you can make contact with your grandfather’s family, it may not be a bad thing.”

He added, “But to make contact, it would be best to start with your grandfather or your second uncle, as far as I know, in this generation of the An family, the one who really has a say is your second uncle An Kaifeng, after your mother left the An family, many of the An family’s businesses were taken over by your second uncle, and they are doing very well, your grandfather has long set your second uncle as the successor of the An family. ”

Ye Chen shook his head and said, “I don’t have the idea of meeting with them yet, let’s let nature take its course.”

Ye Zhongquan spoke, “After all, the An family is one of the top three families in the world, if you can get their support, it will definitely have many benefits for your future development.”

Ye Chen said indifferently, “Not to mention that I don’t plan to identify with them now, even if the truth is recognized one day, I won’t let them support my development, in the face of interests, kinship may not be reliable, it is better to rely on others than on oneself in such matters.”

After saying that, Ye Chen remembered something and added, “Right grandpa, my great uncle is still in Buckingham Palace, I think if he still wants to get the Spring Return Pill, he will definitely find a way to contact you, if he finds you, don’t reveal my situation to him.”

Ye Zhongquan nodded and asked again, “What about if he asks me to help him buy the Spring Return Pill? How should I reply?”

Ye Chen said, “This is simple, you can first ask him what he is buying the Spring Return Pill for, and by the way, promise him that you can help with the consultation, then just cold-treat him, if he doesn’t ask you, you don’t have to reply to him, if he comes to ask you, you can just say that there is no progress yet and keep hanging on to him.”



At this moment, An Chongqiu was sitting on the sofa in the hotel room, holding a hand-made amulet made by Ye Chen in his hand, his eyes looking out of the window at the night scene of Jinling, and his heart was depressed.

It was a huge regret for him that he had not been able to take away the Spring Return Pill when he came over this time.

Moreover, he had already registered under the identity of ‘Huo Yuanzheng’ before attending this auction, and with the organisers of the Spring Return Pill Auction, his face was already firmly bound to the identity of ‘Huo Yuanzheng’, and he was also deprived of the right to continue participating in the Spring Return Pill Auction next year.

Even if he came back next year with a new identity, his face would not be able to pa*s the organisers’ facial recognition.

In other words, he would not be eligible to come back to this auction in the future.

In case a number of years later, when he was dying and also needed the Spring Return Pill to renew his life, there was no way to attend the auction in person, which meant that there was no chance of getting the Spring Return Pill even with more money.

Thinking of this, he was tempted to go to Song Wanting of the Song Group and plead with her in person, asking her to bring word to the owner of the Spring Return Pill to give him a wide berth.

But when he thought that the owner of the Spring Return Pill was still unmoved by his offer of US$370 billion in cash on the spot, he gave up on the idea of seeking humiliation for himself.

After thinking about it, he decided to look for a breakthrough on Ye Zhong’s whole body for the time being.

After all, the Ye family was also one of the organisers of the Spring Return Pill auction this time, and since Elder Ye was also invited as a VIP and had even taken half of the Spring Return Pill in public, he should be very familiar with the owner behind the Spring Return Pill.

Moreover, the An family and the Ye family had been relatives after all, and it would always be useful for Ye Zhongquan to help put in a good word in front of the owner of the Spring Return Pill if he was slightly mindful of old feelings.

So, he immediately said to his attendant, “Go and find out Ye Zhongquan’s contact details immediately!”