Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3925

At this moment, Todd, after standing in silence for a long time, suddenly turned around and looked at Song Wanting, saying gratefully, “Miss Song, thank you and your Jiqing Hall for giving me a new lease of life!”

After saying this, he bowed deeply to Song Wanting and when he looked up, he was already in tears.

Song Wanting said seriously, “No. 027, you don’t need to thank me or Jiqing Hall, what really gave you a new lease of life was the Spring Return Pill.”

Todd said gratefully, “Yes! I can get back on my feet, all thanks to the Spring Return Pill ……”

Song Wanting smiled slightly and spoke, “Alright 027, please go back to your seat, our auction will continue.”

Todd hurriedly nodded and wiped his tears while striding off the stage.

Everyone watched with their own eyes as Todd walked lightly back to his seat, each one feeling like a lifetime ago.

The man had just been carried up, his body paralysed except for his mouth and eyes above his neck.

But in the blink of an eye, this man walked down from the stage by himself, and this huge contrast between before and after was just too impactful.

At this point, more people began to regret in their hearts, regretting that they hadn’t put in all their efforts to fight for the second Spring Return Pill.

Song Wanting on the stage, on the other hand, smiled faintly and said, “Tonight, more than half of the four Spring Return Pills have been sold, and there are still two split Spring Return Pills to come, as well as a whole Spring Return Pill, so if you miss this one, you may have to wait at least a year for the next one, so please, for those bidders who are sitting here and have not yet won a Spring Return Pill, grab the last three chances.”

As soon as these words were spoken, those who had their eyes on the Spring Return Pill became even more anxious inside, especially those who knew that they were not qualified to compete for the last whole Spring Return Pill, and they all knew very well in their hearts at this moment that they only had two real chances left!

Immediately afterwards, Song Wanting added, “The next lot is rather special, it did not appear on our auction materials as well as the catalogue before, it is a good item that we have deliberately kept secret and have only brought out for you to share until now.”

With that, she asked the staff to bring the lot up.

Once again, the staff brought a silver tray onto the stage, only that the silver tray contained four thumb-sized, colourful shell items.

Song Wanting then spoke up and said, “These four amulets are made of the finest giant clams and are made by the hand of a feng shui master in Jinling, and have the ability to ward off evil spirits and disasters.

Before Song Wanting finished her sentence, a group of people below snorted.

It was fine to start the bidding at US$100 million for the Spring Return Pill, but how dare you ask for US$10 million for a broken amulet? What’s the difference between this and robbing money?

Even if the amulet was made by the best Feng Shui masters, in their eyes, it was not worth that much money.

However, no one expected that Lai Qing Hua and Ye Zhong Quan, who were invited as VIPs, would raise their hands in unison and simultaneously say, “I bid 10 million!”

The crowd could not help but be dumbfounded.

Many of the Chinese here had heard of Lai Qing Hua’s reputation and knew that he was a true feng shui master, but they did not expect that Lai Qing Hua would bid for a talisman made by another unknown feng shui master, which was a bit outrageous, right?

And Ye Zhongquan, the head of the Ye family, who had not bid at all for half a day, suddenly bid for the amulet at this time, which also seemed a bit incomprehensible.

However, both Lai Qing Hua and Ye Zhong Quan knew very well that the amulet was made by Ye Chen himself, so there must be something special about it!

Moreover, the starting price was only US$10 million, so it was a good price.