Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4118

For several days in a row, the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple deployed over a thousand generals to New York, but they still failed to find Qiao Feiyun’s whereabouts.

This made Wan Bajun feel disgraced and had to call Ye Chen almost every day to apologise.

Ye Chen did not blame him, he knew that something like a clue was to have a complete chain, once a certain link was missing, it was impossible to restore it immediately, not to mention Wan Long Temple, even the National Security Bureau of the United States, there were many people and things that could not be found out.

Qiao Feiyun’s whereabouts were unknown from New York’s JFK airport, and since the Dragon Palace could not fill in the gaps in this part of the trail for the time being, it was naturally impossible to find Qiao Feiyun’s whereabouts easily.

He planned to investigate all the vehicles and helicopters that entered and left the airport within a few hours after Qiao Feiyun’s arrival in New York, so that he could find out who was behind them, and then match them with Qiao Feiyun one by one to see which one had crossed paths with him.

However, after this method was proposed, it was rejected by Ye Chen.

This was mainly because, more and more, Ye Chen felt that this Qiao Feiyun, should have a stronger backer in New York, otherwise, it would not have been possible for him to disappear so completely.

Under such circumstances, if Wan Bajun started to investigate the transport, even if the investigation was as secretive as possible, it would definitely touch the other party’s warning mechanism, in which case, it would definitely alert the snake.

Therefore, Ye Chen was not so anxious about Qiao Feiyun’s whereabouts.

This was because he knew that Qiao Feiyun could not stay in hiding for the rest of his life.

There was no need to dig into the ground to find him himself, as he would come out again sooner or later.

Now that the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple had placed a heavy force in New York, once Qiao Feiyun ventured out, he and all his superiors and subordinates would be caught in a net.

Although Qiao Feiyun has not shown his face, his specially tailored plan for Gu Qiuyi is still going on in an orderly manner.

In the past few days, he followed Fei Hao Yang every day and went to the New York King Hotel.

However, as he was with Fei Hao Yang the whole time, he was not exposed to public view in the slightest.

The Wangfu Hotel is so large that the ballroom even has a separate two-storey building covering over 10,000 square metres, of which the ground floor houses the ballroom and private rooms, while the first floor houses the back kitchen, equipment rooms and the staff lounge.

Through the field survey of the Wangfu Hotel, Qiao Feiyun already had a very detailed plan of action in mind.

After Fei Hao Yang had brought him here for several days in a row, he was also a little anxious in his heart, so he couldn’t help but ask him, “Yun Fei, do you have a plan yet?”

Qiao Feiyun smiled faintly and said to Fei Haoyang, “Young Master Fei, the plan is already in place.”

Fei Hao Yang hurriedly urged, “Quickly, tell us!”

Qiao Feiyun then said, “I have already developed a high-priced informant from the local security company that Gu Qiuyi’s agency works with, and I have learned from him about their basic mode of protecting public figures on a day-to-day basis, and they have their own set of execution manual, which has all their execution standards, as well as strategies for dealing with unexpected incidents.”

Saying that, Qiao Feiyun added: “The routine of these American security companies is similar, they will focus their main efforts on protecting their targets outdoors, especially when the targets go out on foot or by car, this process they will keep their guns at hand in case someone along the way tries to do something wrong, and if it is outdoors, they will also arrange observers and snipers at the same time at the high point with the best view to monitor the surroundings in real time however once the target is indoors, their vigilance will be much relaxed;”