Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4374

Li Yalin’s entire body was instantly blue with anger.

But the chief said with a serious face, “Li, when something big goes wrong that can’t be solved, someone has to come out and take the blame, you’ve worked in the NYPD for so many years, there’s no way you don’t understand this, and I don’t want you to take the blame, but if you’re really stubborn, then I can only say sorry to you in advance!”

Li Yalin gritted his teeth and looked at the other party, even though his heart was filled with hatred, he also knew that what the chief said was the truth.

In fact, most of the time, the NYPD system was still very protective, and when one of their own caused trouble, the top would definitely find a way to solve it for overall image reasons.

However, the NYPD can’t handle everything.

Over the years, there have been several instances of violent law enforcement against minorities that have led to huge public outrage. At first, the NYPD tried to cover up for one of their own, but in the end, they had to make sacrifices because the public outrage was too great.

The series of cases involving Fei Hao Yang is also extremely bad, but the police department has not yet found a way to deal with the situation, but from the current situation, we can guess that it will be difficult to investigate this matter, so it will not be long before someone from the NYPD takes the blame.

It might be wise to retreat now.

Moreover, Li Yalin also knew that he had little choice now.

Either he could retire actively or pa*sively, there was no second choice but to retire.

So, after weighing the pros and cons, he spoke decisively and said, “Okay, I accept.”

The director nodded gratefully and instructed, “Later on, you go and do a brief meeting with the media, and say that the police got a tip-off that there were suspects operating in this building, but after searching, it was confirmed that there was no sign of the suspects, and that this operation might be a mistake in intelligence, and don’t explain too much else.”

Li Yalin said helplessly, “Okay, I’ll be there in a moment.”

The director nodded and added, “Tomorrow morning I will arrange an internal meeting, you will take the initiative to say at the meeting that you are under too much pressure recently and want to take a break, I will agree to this in a smooth manner and then give this case to Bruno to continue to be in charge.”

Li Yalin was busy asking, “Is it to allow Bruno to continue the investigation?”

“Investigation my a*s!” The director waved his hand and said, “I will ask Bruno to change the direction of the investigation, on the one hand, to investigate the identity of the victims to see if there are other victims who have not been exposed, and on the other hand, to thoroughly investigate Fei Hao Yang and his other accomplices to see if there are any more fish left in the net.”

Li Yalin asked offhandedly, “What about the murderer? No more arrests?”

“Catch my a*s!” The chief gave a sarcastic laugh and asked him rhetorically, “You tell me how to catch them? If it’s not the work of the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple, can we find the real murderer? If it was the work of the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple, how do you expect me to go to the Temple to catch them? Even if they were, how would I explain to the people if I got them here? When the time comes, after going through all the trouble, I will still be scolded?”

Li Yalin could not help but ask, “Chief, we are law enforcement officers, if we don’t arrest such criminals who have blatantly violated the law, how can we uphold the dignity of the law?”

The chief said blandly, “At times like this, we have to learn to compromise, our priority is not to uphold the dignity of the law, but to satisfy the public, I plan to make it a headless case, by then the public will not think we are incompetent, they will only think that their heroes are more powerful than they think, by then they will not come back to us because we have not solved the case! trouble!”

Hearing this, Li Yalin couldn’t help but say, “Since it’s rendered into a headless unsolved case, there’s no need for me to retire early, right? I’ll just obey the arrangement and stop investigating this case!”

The director shook his head, “No, the mayor knows your temper, so he has already instructed me that you must retire early!”