Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4375

The conversation with the director was only a short ten minutes, but Li Yalin’s whole person, it was as if he had aged ten years at once.

He knew very well what the mayor’s intention was, to let himself retire early, even if he did not directly dump the pot on himself, but in the eyes of the public, he was still the one who took the blame.

And to let himself retire early was to punish himself.

The company’s contribution to New York will be exaggerated and a message will be sent to the people that although Old Lee did not do a good job this time, he has worked hard for the people of New York for many years and has earned a lot of credit. We should not be too hard on him.

Generally speaking, the public will eat this up.

This is like the security guard in his own community who has worked hard for half of his life, he has spent half of his life doing his best to protect the safety of the community, only to accidentally let in a group of thieves when he is about to retire, who can blame him for anything?

Thinking of this, Li Yalin, in his heart, admired this mayor immensely.

This mayor, although he was not Chinese, had also been a police officer for 22 years and his methods were very impressive.

This time, he was taking advantage of himself and came up with a four-two punch.

With so much public anger, the only way to overcome strength with softness was to throw himself out to play the emotion card and take the pity route.

For Li Yalin himself, although this tactic would make him feel doubly ashamed, he had no other choice at the moment.

So, he picked up the intercom and gave his last order as a detective, telling all the members of the special operations team to immediately withdraw from the Fei Group headquarters building.

The withdrawal of the special operations team officially announced the failure of the arrest operation.

The media reporters were all waiting for the police spokesman to come out and explain the situation, when Li Yalin, who was more than ten years old, stepped forward and came in front of all the media reporters.

At this moment, countless journalists with long guns were asking Li Yalin their questions as loudly as they could.

Li Yalin stretched out his hands to signal everyone to quiet down, and then said, “I am sorry to have taken up your time and that of the Fei Group, this time our arrest operation has been declared a failure due to a mistake in intelligence and decision making, now the special operations team has been withdrawn, and the Fei Group will be able to resume normal office order immediately.”

The media reporters still wanted to ask questions, but Li Yalin spoke directly, “I know what everyone wants to ask, this time the mistake was mainly on my part, I have recently suffered a great negative impact both physically and mentally, plus I am also getting older, so I am really not suitable to continue to be in charge of such a major case, so I have asked Mayor Adams to resign and apply for early retirement. ”

When the media reporters on the scene heard this, they were stunned.

No one had expected that this Chinese detective, who had always had a very good reputation, would suddenly announce his early retirement.

At this time, Li Yalin said with a face of shame: “Regarding the recent cases that happened in New York, I am personally sorry, it was my failure as a police officer to foresee the crimes and terminate them in advance, and I would like to say sorry to the people of New York and the whole United States!”

After saying this, Li Yalin faced the camera and gave a deep bow.

Then, without waiting for questions from the media reporters, he turned around and left the scene in a car under the cover of several police officers.

Soon, the news of Li Yalin’s announcement of his early retirement was reported via the major media.

Ye Chen, who was quietly watching Gu Qiuyi’s rehearsal, also received a push of this news.

When he saw the message, his expression was slightly surprised, but it soon returned to normal.

Ye Chen had no grievances with Li Yalin and from the bottom of his heart did not want him to retire early in this way, but the matter of Fei Hao Yang had put the two on the actual opposite side of the fence, so the conflict could not be unified, and one of the two had to bear the bitter consequences of failure for this matter, and Ye Chen naturally did not want it to be himself.

Moreover, Li Yalin had already traced the clues to Chen Zhao Zhong’s restaurant, and now retiring early was a good thing in Ye Chen’s opinion, at least he would not put too much pressure on Chen Zhao Zhong subsequently.

On his way back to the police station, his friend An Chongqiu also called and asked with concern, “Old Li, what’s the situation? Did you get shot at from above?”

“Yes.” Li Yalin let out a bitter smile and said, “This wave of public opinion attack is so vicious that it can only push me, an old man, out to gain some sympathy.”

An Chongqiu sighed and spoke, “Actually, you shouldn’t have investigated those murderers in this matter ……”