Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4376

Li Yalin said helplessly, “What’s done is done, it’s too late to talk about that now, moreover, my character doesn’t allow me to turn a blind eye to this kind of crime of violence against violence.”

An Chongqiu gave a hint and asked him, “So what are your next plans?”

Li Yalin said, “I am now going back to the police station to hand over my work, and tomorrow I will officially start my retirement.”

As he said that, he remembered something and spoke, “Is the old man doing better now? Why don’t I go to Los Angeles to see him? He’s very sick this time, and I didn’t even go to see him, so I really can’t say anything.”

An Chongqiu said, “You should stop tossing and turning to Los Angeles, the old lady wants to go to New York to see Miss Gu’s concert and demands that we, her children, must also be there, the old man has been persuaded by her to go there together tomorrow at noon.”

Li Yalin exclaimed, “Isn’t the old man unable to remember all these years? How come he’s willing to come to New York too?”

An Chongqiu said, “Whenever the old man opens his eyes now, the old lady will spend an hour or so giving him a general introduction to his situation and the things he doesn’t remember from the past 20 years, giving him a brief and concise rehash of the same rhetoric seven or eight times a day. So he agreed to go over together.”

Li Yalin then said, “So what are your plans for tomorrow? Let’s see if we have time to have a meal together?”

An Chongqiu said, “Sure, we’ll go to the Anbang Mansion in Manhattan at noon tomorrow. Of all the properties in the An family, apart from the Los Angeles estate, the Anbang Mansion is the old man’s favourite.

Li Yalin sighed, “Anbang Mansion, your sister was the one who invested in it back then, right?”

“Yes.” An Chongqiu said, “Anything related to my sister, the old man has deep feelings.”

“Understandable.” Li Yalin spoke, “Right Chongqiu, the owner of that roast goose shop, I always feel that something is not quite right about him, while I still have some contacts in the bureau, I plan to check him out properly in the next two days.”

An Chongqiu was silent for a moment and sighed, “Forget it, Old Li, whether he really has something to hide or not, I’m not going to explore it, after all, Miss Gu is kind to the An family.”

“Understood.” Li Yalin said cheerfully, “Then let’s leave him alone.”

An Chongqiu thanked, “It’s hard for you to worry about it old Li, let’s meet tomorrow and talk more about it!”

“Sure!” Li Yalin said, “Let me know when you arrive tomorrow and I’ll come over.”


The two brothers hung up the phone, and Li Yalin held the phone with a complicated expression.

Li Yalin had always felt that the owner of the roast goose shop was very strange, not to mention whether he had any hidden connections with An Chongqiu, but his relationship with Gu Qiuyi alone made Li Yalin’s heart suspicious.

He had always felt that the murderer who kidnapped and brutally killed Fei Hao Yang should be related to both Fei Ke Xin and Gu Qiuyi.

Now, Fei Kexin’s path had become a dead end, so if he wanted to get to the bottom of the matter, I was afraid that Gu Qiuyi was the only one who could do so!

Thinking of this, he was still a bit reluctant.

At this time, a phone call came from his beloved, and once he was connected, the other party asked impatiently, “Chief, why did you retire early?

Li Yalin smiled and said, “I retired early so that I could give an explanation to the people and also give the bureau a step, it’s considered the optimal solution at the moment.”

“Ai!” The other party let out a long sigh and said, “This whole thing is really f*cking f*cked up!”

Li Yalin asked him, “By the way, have you got any new clues about the matter you were asked to investigate?”

“Yes.” The other party hurriedly said, “After doing some research, although the owner of this roast goose shop has been in the United States for more than twenty years, he has always been an illegal immigrant, and most likely he came from Hong Kong Island, so I have asked my informants on Hong Kong Island to help me investigate and see if I can find out his real identity.”

“Good!” Li Yalin suddenly came to life and said offhandedly, “Xiao Wu, although I retired early, you must continue to investigate this matter, there might be big gains!”