Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4377

The following day.

It happened to be a Saturday.

Because Xiao Churan had her heart set on going to New York to see a concert, she proposed with Ye Chen that she wanted to take this opportunity to get to New York early, stroll around New York, go to the concert in the evening, then stay in New York for the night, stroll around all day tomorrow, and come back on Sunday evening.

Ye Chen felt that his wife worked too hard in her cla*ses on weekdays, so naturally he also wanted to take this opportunity to take her to relax and unwind.

So, without thinking, he agreed to Xiao Churan’s proposal and then had someone book a suite for himself at the Buckingham Palace Hotel in New York.

After having breakfast, the two of them drove to New York.

Following some of Xiao Churan’s previous knowledge of New York, Ye Chen first took her to Times Square and then to see the famous Statue of Liberty.

Just as the two of them were wandering around, a dozen members of the An family, in two private planes, arrived in New York.

After landing safely, Ye Chen’s grandmother made a phone call to Gu Qiuyi.

At this time, Gu Qiuyi, who had already started preparing for the evening’s official performance at the arena, suddenly received a call from the old lady and hurriedly picked up the phone, saying respectfully, “Grandma!”

“Eh!” The old lady answered with a smile and asked cheerfully, “Nui Nui, are you busy? Grandma didn’t delay you by calling you, did she?”

Gu Qiuyi lied, “Grandma, I’m not busy, I just sat down to take a break.”

“That’s good!” The old lady breathed a sigh of relief and hurriedly added, “Nui Nui, I’ve brought your grandmother, your uncles and aunts to New York, and I want to come to your concert tonight to support you.

Gu Qiuyi first froze, and the first thing that came to her mind was Ye Chen.

Although she very much hoped that Ye Chen could meet his grandmother’s family as soon as possible, she knew very well in her heart that as long as Ye Chen had not yet made this decision, she could not make the decision for him.

Therefore, if Ye Chen’s grandmother’s family were to come to the concert today, it might increase the chances of Ye Chen’s identity being revealed.

However, she quickly thought of the fact that Ye Chen had already booked with Chen DuoDuo yesterday and wanted the VIP box in the middle.

Since Ye Chen was sitting in the box, then with a little care, he should not be exposed.

So, she said to the old lady, “Grandma, wait for me for a moment, I’ll hurry and coordinate with the agent to see if a seat can be vacated!”

The old lady laughed, “Nui Nui, you don’t need to bother with this, I asked your uncle to consult with me and I know that the tickets for your concert have been sold out for a long time, your uncle has contacted some merchants who sell tickets at high prices, just ask him to send someone to buy them.”

Gu Qiuyi was busy saying, “Never mind grandma, I’ll ask first to see what’s going on, recently there are many people on the internet who have been scammed buying second hand tickets, I’ll ask my agent if there are any reserved tickets, if there are then it’ll be a perfect solution.”

The old lady didn’t think much of it and said with a smile, “That’s fine, then I’ll give you trouble Nui Nui.”

“How can that be.” Gu Qiuyi was busy saying, “You’ve come all this way to see me perform, I can’t be happy enough!”

Gu Qiuyi hung up the phone and immediately called Ye Chen.

At this moment, Ye Chen was visiting the Statue of Liberty with Xiao Churan, and when he received Gu Qiuyi’s call, he said very blandly, “Hello, Miss Gu, what can I do for you?”

Gu Qiuyi knew that it might not be convenient for him to speak, so she lowered her volume a bit and spoke, “Master Ye, the old lady of the An family just called me, saying that she had brought the old man and a group of children to New York and was coming to see my concert in the evening, do you think how I should handle this matter?”

Hearing this, Ye Chen could not help but frown slightly.

He had vaguely felt earlier that it was possible that Grandma’s family would come to support Gu Qiuyi, and he had never expected that he would really be right.