Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3899

Song Wanting nodded gently and said shyly, “Actually …… in fact, I am mainly afraid that I will not play well and let you down, Master Ye ……”

Ye Chen laughed: “No, today is our seller’s market, as long as the Spring Return Pill is on display, even if we do a lousy job, I’m afraid they will still want to participate next year, so you can go with confidence, no need to worry about playing well or badly!”

When Song Wanting heard him say that, the tension in her heart did ease a lot, and she nodded slightly and said, “Okay Master Ye, Wanting understands!”

Ye Chen said, “Right, Wan Ting, I originally wanted to invite your grandfather to attend this auction as the guest of honour, but then I thought that since you have just taken over the Song Group, it would be more appropriate for you, the new head of the Song family, to come out and showcase yourself on this occasion. So I’ve dismissed the idea, so don’t blame me.”

Song Wanting had really thought about this originally.

She didn’t mean to blame Ye Chen, she just thought that, according to Ye Chen’s style, he would take care of everything in such matters, and he would usually take care of everything that should be taken care of, even those that could be taken care of or not.

But this time, for some reason, he did not invite his own grandfather to attend, nor did he invite several other entrepreneurs in Jinling with whom he had a more simmering relationship.

For example, Qin Gang and Wang Zhenggang, both of them, were also not among the invitees.

However, once Ye Chen explained this, she immediately understood Ye Chen’s good intentions.

Originally, she had been helped up to this position of family head by Ye Chen, and as she was young and had only been on the throne for a short time, she was naturally no match for her grandfather in terms of connections, fame and influence.

If Ye Chen invited grandfather over as a VIP today, it would widen the prestige gap between herself and grandfather even more.

This instantly made her heart even more grateful to Ye Chen and she couldn’t help but speak up, “Master Ye, thank you for always thinking of Wanting in every way ……”

Ye Chen smiled lightly and said seriously, “I’m not just thinking of you either, there are still more or less some other selfish thoughts.”

Saying that, Ye Chen continued, “For me, apart from having this layer of consideration for you, I am also worried that inviting too many acquaintances will reveal my coordinates.”

“Especially people like Qin Gang, Wang Zhenggang, Hong Wu and Elder Song, if I invited each and every one of them to the VIP table, then someone with a good mind would only need to investigate the social connections of these few people and would be able to locate me immediately.”

“So, I didn’t invite my local friends this time, not only for your sake, but also to better hide myself.”

There were just four VIPs tonight.

Apart from Fei Ke Xin, who was using a fake identity, it was Elder Ye, Lai Qing Hua and the Old Queen of Northern Europe.

As for Elder Ye, Ye Chen felt that it was fine, after all, he was only substantially seated as the head of the Ye family, but the head of the Ye family in the eyes of the outside world was still Elder Ye.

This auction, however, was jointly organised by the Song family and the Ye family, with the Song family head acting as the auctioneer and the Ye family head attending as the guest of honour, which made sense.

Moreover, Ye Chen felt that having Elder Ye come out more now was itself a good opportunity to increase the influence of the Ye family.

As for Lai Qing Hua and the Old Queen of Northern Europe, they were both usually miles away and had very little interactions with themselves originally, so it would be difficult for others to find themselves even if they cut through the two of them.