Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3777

As for the old lady Xiao, when she heard that the car was worth more than ten million, her eyes were almost sucked out by the car.

Xiao Changqian forced down his anger and asked in a cold voice: “You can pick up the car if you want, what are you running to our house to show off?”

Ma Lan said with a serious face, “Alas, alas, alas, I am not showing off with you! I’m here to find your wife Qian Hongyan!”

As she said that, she couldn’t help but sigh and said with great emotion, “Qian Hongyan and I are sisters-in-law, we are both unlucky enough to become the daughter-in-law of the Xiao family, so we both kind of share the same illness ……”

Speaking of this, Ma Lan said sadly, “Ai! Sister-in-law is even worse off than me! At such an old age, she’s still pregnant and miscarried, it’s really too damaging to her health, so I want to ask her to come out and take a ride in our family’s new car for a walk, so she can feel better too!”

Xiao Changqian heard Ma Lan say so much in a fake way, especially when he said Qian Hongyan was pregnant and had a miscarriage, he was furious and pointed at Ma Lan and cursed angrily, “Ma Lan you …… you …… you son of a b*tch! …… you know Qian Hongyan has long since run away, still f*cking come here to humiliate me …… Laozi …… Laozi …… Laozi f*cking smash you to death this dog!”

With that, Xiao Changqian was ready to swing the cane under his armpit and smash Ma Lan’s dog’s head.

When Ma Lan saw that Xiao Changqian was going to hit himself with the cane, he was immediately scared out of his mind in a cold sweat.

Not to mention whether Xiao Changqian could hit him, he could easily smash his cane into the car with such a big guy parked here in Cullinan.

Ma Lan thought, this is a 10 million dollar car, in case it is really broken, how can his family have money to repair it?

But if the gla*s was smashed, we couldn’t just wrap the windows with plastic sheeting or tape them up with transparent tape to make them look like cobwebs, could we?

The family had only managed to get a luxury car, so if it got hurt again, wouldn’t it be too late to cry?

In the nick of time, Mrs. Xiao stepped forward and grabbed his arm, shouting, “Changqian, don’t smash it! You mustn’t smash it! If you don’t think of yourself, you must think of me and Hai Long! If you smash it, how can our family still live ……”

When Xiao Changqian heard this, tears of humiliation flowed down his face and he choked up, “Mom …… I don’t want to confront you, but Ma Lan is really bullying people too much!”

Old Mrs. Xiao gripped her cane and said with grief, “Changqian! Bear with it for a while, and take a step back to open up the sky!”

Xiao Changqian was silent for a moment before he finally let out a long sigh and threw the walking stick to the ground.

Seeing that Old Madam Xiao had stopped him, Ma Lan was relieved and then she said to Old Madam Xiao, “Old Madam, I’ve known you for almost thirty years, but you’ve finally done something human today!”

Old Mrs. Xiao felt humiliated but could only say to Ma Lan, “Ma Lan, our family can’t afford you, I’m begging you, old woman, don’t come and make fun of our family again ……”

Ma Lan did not expect that Old Mrs. Xiao, who had always been high-minded and arrogant, even vindictive, would take the initiative to bow down to herself, which made her a bit stunned at once, instead of knowing how to respond.

At this time, her afterglow saw two people walking head-on under the streetlight, subconsciously glanced at them and said out of surprise: “Oh my God, Qian Hongyan? How did you …… you come back?!”

Xiao Changqian did not see those two people, and hearing Ma Lan mention Qian Hongyan again at this time, the anger that was easily persuaded by Old Lady Xiao just now burst out several times!

He cursed furiously, “Ma Lan! You really can’t change your mind! I’ll fight you today! I’m going to fight you today!”

After saying this, he swung his other walking stick and was about to throw it out. Impulsiveness is the devil!”

Ma Lan became anxious and pointed to the dodging figure not far away and said loudly, “Xiao Changqian, take a good look! Qian Hongyan is really back!”

Xiao Changqian took a glance at the figure and immediately felt his blood run through his body like a well of oil, and it went straight to the sky with a roar.

He looked at the familiar figure and cursed furiously, “D*mn it! Qian Hongyan! You really have the f*cking face to come back!”