Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4354

“Ah?” Xiao Churan exclaimed, “How can there be such a bad person who won’t even spare his own father?”

Ye Chen nodded and said, “In the face of powerful interests, no relationship is 100% reliable.”

I heard a gossip a while ago that this Fei Jianzhong and Fei Kexin disappeared together, and the internet said that they must have been killed by Fei Shanhai, but now it seems that they should have gone into hiding and then returned to the US to take back control, which would explain why Miss Zhan, oh no, why Miss Fei would leave without saying goodbye and suddenly disappear I guess she must have been hiding from the chase at that time, so she didn’t contact you.”

Xiao Churan nodded gently, her low mood having eased a lot, and said softly, “If that’s true, Miss Fei is indeed not easy ……”

Ye Chen nodded and smiled, saying, “You don’t need to think too much, since she has now become the head of the Fei family, she must no longer have any worries, I believe she will soon contact you and explain the situation to you personally.”

Xiao Churan said somewhat sheepishly, “To be honest, I am quite afraid that she will contact me ……”

Ye Chen asked in confusion, “What’s wrong?”

Xiao Churan seriously said, “Not only is she a thousand-year-old girl from a top family, she is now the head of the whole family, compared to her, someone like me is simply too mediocre to be qualified to be her friend ……”

Ye Chen seriously said, “Wife, at no time should you presume to be inferior to anyone, in my eyes you are not inferior to anyone.”

Saying that, Ye Chen smiled and said jokingly, “Moreover, you may think that the other party is a thousand-year-old daughter of a big family, so you can’t afford to climb high, but others may also feel that they can’t climb high because you are Master Ye’s wife.”

Xiao Churan thought that Ye Chen was teasing himself, so he couldn’t help but joke about it, saying, “People call you Master Ye, and you really think you’re a master. arrested, it’s not even once or twice ……”

Ye Chen laughed: “Wife you can rest a*sured, reading feng shui this kind of thing, a willingness to fight a willingness to suffer, how can the police arrest me ……”

Xiao Churan nodded and said, “Later on, I found out that you have a good relationship with all your clients and they all trust you, so I am not so worried anymore.”

Saying that, she asked Ye Chen, “Honey, are you still going to New York today?”

“Yes.” Ye Chen said, “I’ll go there after I drop you off at school later, Miss Gu’s first concert starts tomorrow, and I have to open her performance venue today.”

Xiao Churan was busy asking, “Then can we go to New York to see her concert tomorrow?”

Ye Chen was a little hesitant for a moment.

Originally, he had indeed planned to take his wife to see Gu Qiuyi’s concert.

And it was to see both New York and Boston.

However, ever since Gu Qiuyi had been ordered to go to Grandpa’s house to deliver medicine to Grandpa for himself in a crisis, Ye Chen had been more or less worried in his heart.

He was not sure if Grandma and the rest of Grandma’s family would go to her concert out of gratitude to Gu Qiuyi.

So, when he went to New York today, Ye Chen planned to go to the venue to have a look, if there was a VIP box with good privacy, that would be great, if not, then he would have to consider making up a pretext to persuade his wife to give up this concert in New York!