Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4355

Fei Ke Xin solved all the troubles of the Fei family at once, but immediately afterwards, more new video evidence was exposed on the internet.

However, the protagonists of these evidences were no longer Fei Hao Yang, but those wealthy New Yorkers, as well as the sons of aristocrats, who were found tragically dead in the Hudson River this morning.

This, in turn, exploded around the world.

The public’s attention immediately shifted from the Fei family to these big families.

And those big families did not even care to grieve over the tragic death of their own family members, they immediately had to have a headache over how to dispel the public’s anger.

Although Fei Ke Xin had already given them a sample, her solution was simply too expensive for the others.

These money-hungry families would not be willing to pay a billion dollars for each of the victims’ families until they had to, and asking them to pay that much would be more unacceptable than asking for their lives.

However, these were no longer the issues that Fei Ke Xin needed to consider.

Immediately after the launch, she called Ye Chen, and when the call was answered, she asked with unparalleled devotion, “Mr. Ye, did you see the launch of the Fei Group just now?”

Ye Chen smiled and said, “I saw it.”

Fei Ke Xin asked, “Then do you think you are still satisfied with the solution I have proposed?”

Ye Chen said seriously, “I think you have handled it well enough, and I believe that under your impeccable handling like this, the Fei family will soon be able to get out of the gloom of Fei Hao Yang.”

When Fei Ke Xin heard Ye Chen’s praise, her heart was not only relieved, but also a little more shy as a young girl.

She then said to Ye Chen, “Thank you for Mr Ye’s approval, I will complete the verification of the victim’s information and the payment of compensation in the fastest time possible.”

“Good.” Ye Chen gave a slight pause and asked her again, “Now that you have officially become the head of the Fei family, what are your next plans?”

Fei Ke Xin said, “I have only planned two things during this recent period of time, the first thing is to settle the mess left behind by Fei Haoyang; the other thing is to take the time to familiarise myself with and sort out the group’s affairs and get up to speed as soon as possible.”

Ye Chen instructed, “In fact, your immediate priority now is not to familiarise yourself with the business, but to purge the team.”

Fei Ke Xin was busy asking, “Mr Ye, what you mean is ……”

Ye Chen reminded, “You should not forget that the current board members of the Fei family are the same group of people who kicked your grandfather out in the first place, your immediate priority now is to take back all of their voting rights and veto power in the board, only then will your position be the safest.”

Fei Ke Xin said with some concern, “The members of the board of directors, apart from the direct members of the Fei family, are basically relatives of the Fei family, as well as some of the backbone of the Fei family, I have just taken office now, the smooth running of the group still needs them to maintain, if I strike at them first at this time, I am afraid that they will unite to overthrow me, or simply quit. ”

Ye Chen said seriously: “These people have stood on the wrong team once, and now that you have become the new head of the family, they must be very panic-stricken in their hearts, afraid that you will look for them to settle accounts afterwards, so at this time, you must not let them worry for nothing, you must first settle the previous accounts at the first time, otherwise, if you turn over this one today, then they will think that the original stand There is no consequence for being on the wrong team, and they will only be more reckless next time.”

He said, “Right now, you have two extremes in front of you, either you take this opportunity to completely convince them and make them fear you, or you let them take this opportunity to see your weaknesses, so that they can become more aggressive in the future. Zero.”

Fei Ke Xin fell silent all of a sudden.

She knew that what Ye Chen said was correct.

At this time, she should indeed be tougher and put up the authority of the family head.