Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4353

Xiao Churan had been promised to Ye Chen by her grandfather in advance before she graduated from university, and she had been a transparent person in the Xiao Group after their marriage, so she didn’t really have much life experience apart from having seen the sinister nature of Xiao’s family.

In her limited social experience, she really could not understand why a person would want to use another identity to make friends with someone else.

If the other person was deliberately trying to harm herself, then it would naturally make sense for her to use a false identity.

However, in the midst of her relationship with herself, instead of lying to her, Fei Ke Xin had done herself a great favour by introducing herself to her idol, Kerri West, and had also secured a place in a master cla*s for herself.

So it was all the more reason why she couldn’t understand why Fekosin had done so.

Still, the fact that Fei Kexin was hiding her identity made her feel low because she had genuinely considered Fei Kexin as a good friend, but never thought that in the end, her best friend’s identity was all fake.

Thinking that she had invested her heart, but did not even know the other party’s true identity, Xiao Churan could not help but have her eyes reddened.

Seeing that she was depressed, Ye Chen knew that she must have some disappointment in her heart, so he spoke up and comforted her, “Honey, you don’t need to think too much, look at how big she is, her family has trillions of dollars, she definitely can’t reveal her true identity, otherwise there’s no telling how many people would move against her.”

Xiao Churan sighed lightly and said, “I can understand what you said, but I still have a feeling of being cheated, you know I don’t have many friends in the first place, and I truly consider her a good friend ……”

Hearing this, Ye Chen’s heart felt a pang of melancholy.

He really did not dare to imagine what kind of feeling Xiao Churan would have if she knew her true identity.

So he could only excuse Fei Ke Xin, “Wife, you don’t need to be so sad about this matter, I think she must have her own hardships, moreover, this identity of Zhan Feier may not be fake, many of the truly rich people have several identities, and each identity is real, only the nationality and name of each identity are different, maybe she just chose to use Zhan Feier as an identity to go to China.”

“Is that so?” Xiao Churan seemed to be in a better mood when she heard Ye Chen explain like that, but she still asked with some doubts, “Then what do these rich people need so many different identities for?”

Ye Chen laughed, “As the saying goes, there are still three caves for cunning rabbits, let alone such top tycoons. Some countries don’t allow their citizens to have dual citizenship or multiple citizenship, in this case, they have to use multiple identities to solve this problem, just like those secret agents in the movies you often watch, every agent has several pa*sports and several identities, these are also very normal.”

Saying that, Ye Chen continued comfortingly, “Think about it, since people are the Miss Fei family’s golden girl, they have travelled thousands of miles to China, they themselves are unfamiliar with the country, if they are using their real identities, what if they are kidnapped?”

Xiao Churan nodded with great understanding and said seriously, “You’re right, I’m the one who’s a bit narrow-minded ……”

Ye Chen laughed: “You’re not really narrow-minded, you’re just too easy to put true feelings into people, so you can’t accept it a bit in your heart all of a sudden.”

The oldest one is called Fei Jianzhong, who was the original head of the Fei family, and was later given more power by his son Fei Shanhai not to mention that his son was rumored to have wanted to kill him at one point to end the trouble. “