Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4013

Thinking that Ye Chen had not understood her words, Claudia hastily repeated them again and said offhandedly, “Mr. Ye, what I said was that there were at least seven or eight hundred of them, and this is still the most conservative estimate, if we include some of those with nepotism, it is possible to have more than a thousand ……”

                Ye Chen nodded and said, “If we can get a thousand people together, we can still be more or less useful.”

                Claudia was busy saying, “Mr. Ye, you alone will definitely not be able to deal with them …… and they will more or less restrain themselves during the day, if you take Sister Fanny away, they should not dare to mess around, as long as they get to the airport, they will be able to escape, if they really wait until night, then they will not be able to get away even if they want to ……”

                Ye Chen smiled slightly and said casually, “It’s fine, I didn’t want to take her away, it’s easy to go, but it doesn’t make sense, why should you have to leave your family and run away when there are bad people near your home? This is not the way we Chinese act, our style of acting is that if people do not offend me, I will not offend them, if they offend me, I will offend them.”

                Claudia felt like her brain was running short.

                The reason she had told all her deepest secrets was to persuade Ye Chen to hurry up and take Li Xiaofen away.

                Although Guo Lei’s methods were ruthless, they would have no use if they left Canada.

                But how could she have imagined that instead of listening to her advice, Ye Chen would have the appearance of fighting with them.

                So she said with an eager look on her face, “Mr. Ye, I understand what you said, but in this world, sometimes there is no reasoning, there are so many of them and they are ruthless, how can you protect Sister Fanny alone?”

                Ye Chen said lightly, “Don’t worry, Xiao Fen is my sister, I will protect her, moreover, this convenience store is also her heart and soul, I, as a brother, will naturally protect it for her, as for the hundreds and thousands of Italian groups you mentioned, I will also get rid of them all, they are like a group of parasites, disgusting, a little bit disgusting, just get rid of them all. They’re like a bunch of parasites.

                Claudia’s jaw dropped as she listened.

                She couldn’t figure out what kind of courage Ye Chen had to come all the way to Canada alone to say such a dismissive statement.

                She could not understand how Ye Chen could have the courage to say such a statement when these gangs had been a cancer in Canada and even in Europe and America for hundreds of years and no one had ever been able to eradicate them.

                When Ye Chen saw that Claudia was a bit stunned all of a sudden, he opened his mouth and asked her, “Claudia, what are your plans for the future?”

                “Me?” Claudia was slightly stunned and hesitated for a moment before she said awkwardly, “I don’t know …… if I have the chance to avenge my parents and my two younger brothers, then I’ll change to a place where no one knows me and continue my studies.”

                Ye Chen asked her, “You haven’t thought about following in your father’s footsteps?”

                Claudia asked in surprise, “You mean taking over that Italian group?”

                “Yes.” Ye Chen nodded and said, “Have you ever thought about it?”

                “No……” Claudia shook her head and said seriously, “I don’t want to have anything more to do with this group of trash in my life except for revenge……”

                Ye Chen smiled slightly, “Then I have nothing to worry about.”

                After saying that, Ye Chen asked again, “By the way, what time of day does this gang usually strike?”

                Claudia had not yet figured out what Ye Chen meant by having no worries, when she suddenly heard this question from Ye Chen, she hurriedly said, “Definitely at night, and in the latter half of the night, they would usually sneak into the target’s home in the early morning, anesthetize everyone and then take the target away, and if they encounter resistance, they would kill them to exterminate them. “

                Ye Chen asked again, “What about after kidnapping the people? Where will they be sent?”

                Claudia thought about it and said, “It seems to be centralized to the port, they will concentrate on transporting a group of people to the high seas, and then what is the process behind that, I am not too sure.”

                “OK,” Ye Chen nodded and lamented, “Although it’s safe for the time being during the day, this doesn’t look like there’s much time left ……”