Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3692

Badr, who was a great hero in the Gulf of Aden, never dreamed that his life would be taken so easily.

And in Chen Zhonglei’s opinion, this kind of guy, who could not be on the stage, was lucky to die under his hands.

Afterwards, Chen Zhonglei gently put his body back on the bed again.

Badr’s body was still in a front-up position, but his whole face had sunk into the pillow, revealing only the back of his head.

This image was a bit bizarre in its incongruity.

At this time, Chen Zhonglei took out a waterproof plastic cylinder from his bosom, and took out from it a pair of handwritten brushstrokes written by Wan Bajun, with only eight words on it: “God stops God, Buddha stops Buddha.”

This piece of writing was the reminder that Wan Long Temple had left for the rest of the pirate organisation.

Chen Zhonglei quietly retreated from the room at this time, greeted his men who were on guard outside the door, and together they headed for the shoal where they had just landed.

The other five men had already loaded all the dozens of speedboats on the beach with remote controlled bombs, which could blow up all the pirates’ boats at the push of a button.

One of his men handed the remote detonation device to Chen Zhonglei, who looked at the brightly lit pirate base and gently pressed the detonation button.

A few seconds later, the coastline of the pirate base suddenly sent a series of explosions, dozens of various kinds of speedboats, burst into a huge fire, and some were even blown up into the air.

With the intensive explosions, the entire coastline burst into flames.

The boats had just been refuelled by the pirates and were preparing to set off in the morning to attack the Isu shipping vessels, when their full loads of fuel were instantly set alight by the explosions, creating a wall of fire along the coastline.

It was also because of such a loud and dense explosion that the entire pirate base was awakened by all the people inside.

A large group of pirates stared vacantly at the burning speedboats, all frozen in fear.

In Badr’s room, two sleeping young women were also awakened by the explosion, and then they both hurriedly tried to wake up Badr, who was still lying motionless on his pillow.

At this push, one of the women instantly realised that Badr’s body was square and his head was the complete opposite.

She was amazed, then she subconsciously pushed Badr and realised that his body had gone cold ……

This made her scream in terror, and the other woman was also frightened out of her wits at the sight of this scene and stumbled to run outside.

When the second leader of the family came running to report, seeing this woman barged out like a madman, the second leader of the family hurriedly asked, “Where is the boss?”

The woman said in fear, “Ba …… Ba Del he …… he …… he is dead ……”

“What did you say?!” The second leader was instantly struck by lightning, and after coming back to his senses, he hurriedly ran into the room, only to find that Badr had already had his neck snapped.

The sight scared the hell out of him and sent a chill down his back.

He couldn’t help but mutter, “What’s going on …… what’s going on …… what the hell did this ……”

Immediately afterwards, an answer suddenly flashed in his mind, “Could it …… could it be the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall?!”

So thinking, he suddenly saw, in Badr’s hand, clutching a piece of paper, which he hastily opened and found eight Chinese characters written on it.

Although he was the second leader of this place, he was not very educated, not to mention Chinese characters, he could not even recognize all the 26 English letters.

However, he suddenly remembered that he seemed to have seen these eight characters somewhere before.

Only after careful thought did he remember that the shape of these eight Chinese characters was very similar to the eight Chinese characters in the statement released by the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple during the day.