Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4250

In his opinion, if Fei Xuebin had just listened to Ye Chen and painfully slapped his own mouth, there would have been no need for him to follow the beating.

A body in its seventies had taken a big slap, both physically and psychologically, leaving a huge damage.

Seeing that his father was really angry, Fei Xuebin quickly slapped himself twice and said in shame, “It’s my cheap mouth! It’s my cheap mouth!”

Only then did Ye Chen nodded in satisfaction, pointed to the table and said indifferently, “Come, isn’t this a treat for dinner? Let’s all sit down.”

Fei Shanhai knew that it was easy to invite the gods and difficult to send them away, so he could only stiffen his head and get up from the ground.

Fei Xue Bin tried to reach out to help him, but Fei Shanhai was so angry at him that he simply slapped him across the face and cursed, “b*****d, I don’t need your help! Hurry up and get the back kitchen to serve the food!”

Fei Xue Bin covered his face and went outside the dining room in anguish, ordering the servants to serve the food quickly.

He then returned to the dining room and cautiously came to Fei Shanhai’s side, just as he wanted to pull out a chair and sit down, he was scolded by Fei Shanhai, “You stand and eat!”

Fei Xuebin was aggrieved, but he could only do as he was told.

The maids of the Fei family soon brought the prepared dishes one after another.

But when they saw that in the room, Zhang Chuan was actually kneeling alone in the corner, they were all dumbfounded.

But fortunately, all of them who were servants knew the rules, so they all said nothing, and no one dared to talk nonsense outside.

When the food came up, Ye Chen said to Gu Qiuyi, who was beside him, “Nui Nui, to prevent these two b*tches from doing anything to the food, let’s wait until they have eaten each dish before we move our chopsticks.”

Gu Qiuyi held back her laughter and nodded, saying, “Okay Brother Ye Chen, I’m not hungry anyway.”

Both father and son, Fei Shanhai and Fei Xuebin, were both ashamed and angry at this moment.

Only, even after being ridiculed by Ye Chen in such an abusive manner, they did not dare to show half a bit of displeasure.

Fei Shanhai said to Ye Chen with a stiff upper lip, “Young warrior …… this meal is definitely not poisonous, my Fei family will definitely not do such a dirty thing, you can rest a*sured of this ……”

“I’m not at ease.” Ye Chen deliberately said, “Your family is not a good thing, especially you, I heard that you even pitted your own father, let alone me.”

Fei Shanhai felt a burst of fire on his face, and his entire person was so embarra*sed that he could not pa*s away on the spot.

Ye Chen looked at Fei Xuebin at this moment and spoke, “You, take two bites of each dish first.”

Fei Xuebin dared not disobey, and could only pick up his chopsticks and prepare to try the dishes.

Ye Chen then said, “Don’t use your chopsticks to pick up the dishes, I think you’re dirty, find a pair of public chopsticks and put each dish into a bowl, then eat with your own chopsticks!”

Fei Xue Bin felt that he had suffered all the humiliation he had never suffered in his life today, and he was still extremely resentful.

But even so, he could only honestly follow Ye Chen’s request, picking up a pair of public chopsticks, and carefully put some of the dishes into the bowl, then stood aside and ate the contents of the bowl to prove that the dishes had not been tampered with.

Only then did Ye Chen nodded in satisfaction and said to Gu Qiuyi, “Nui Nui, you can eat now.”

After saying that, he looked up at Fei Shanhai and said coldly, “Don’t move your chopsticks straight away either! You’re a bad old man who looks unclean, use public chopsticks for me too!”

Fei Shanhai was so humiliated that he threw his chopsticks onto the table and said angrily, “Then I can stop eating, can’t I?”

Ye Chen’s eyes glared and he asked with an unhappy face, “What’s wrong with you, are you in charge or am I? Pick up the chopsticks for me!”