Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4249

“Rest your anger?” Ye Chen couldn’t help but laugh out loud when he heard his words.

He looked at Fei Shanhai, pointed at the position where Fei Shanhai was just sitting, and asked in a cold voice in return, “Since I came in, you have been sitting there like a big-tailed eagle, fooling around, not letting me out of this door alive one moment, and killing my whole family the next, so fierce as to be unbecoming! But now you are wagging your tail at me like a dog, Fei Shanhai, I really don’t understand which face is the real you?”

Fei Shanhai didn’t expect Ye Chen to speak so disrespectfully, so he could only say resentfully, “I’m sorry, young warrior, I’ve offended you earlier, please forgive me ……”

Ye Chen coldly snorted, “I’ll put up with it if you threaten me with my personal safety, but you’re threatening me with the safety of my whole family, I can’t really put up with you!”

Fei Shanhai’s expression was suddenly filled with horror and he hurriedly said, “Young warrior …… I didn’t say I would kill your whole family just now!”

“Oh?” Ye Chen frowned and asked rhetorically, “If you didn’t say it, then who did?”

Fei Shanhai subconsciously looked at his son Fei Xuebin.

It was indeed Fei Xuebin who had said the words to kill Ye Chen’s entire family just now.

Fei Shanhai was not willing to take the blame for his son, he was also afraid that if Ye Chen got angry and raised his hand to give himself two big bleeps, his old body would not be able to carry it.

When Fei Xue Bin was being looked at by his father, his heart was also fuming.

He was not a fool either, and when he saw that Zhang Chuan was no match for Ye Chen, he knew that he had kicked the real iron plate this time.

Under such circumstances, how could he dare to touch Ye Chen’s brow.

Seeing that Fei Xuebin was silent, Fei Shanhai’s body shook with anger and shouted, “b*****d! What are you doing playing dumb there? Don’t you know that you are responsible for what you said? Hurry up and apologise to Mr Ye!”

Fei Xuebin shivered and hurriedly took a step forward, saying in a jarring voice: “Ye …… Mr. Ye …… sorry …… it’s all my fault for being a cheap talker! …… You mustn’t be ordinary with me ……”

Ye Chen asked him rhetorically, “Yo? You know you’re a cheap talker?”

Fei Xuebin nodded his head like garlic and said, “I know, I really know ……”

Ye Chen coldly chided, “Knowing that your mouth is cheap, why don’t you hurry up and slap your mouth? Are you waiting for me to do it for you?”

Hearing these words, Fei Xuebin was angry and furious.

In his life, no one had ever dared to slap his mouth, and no one had ever dared to let him slap his own mouth.

What’s more, Ye Chen looked only twenty years old, how could he listen to such a person’s orders?

Seeing that Fei Xuebin was standing there unconsciously, Ye Chen didn’t rush him or scold him, but stood up and slapped Fei Shanhai on the face.

This slap directly spun Fei Shanhai around several times.

Fei Shanhai was so dazed that he sat on his buttocks on the floor. Fortunately, the floor was covered with a thick wool carpet, otherwise he would have broken his pelvis.

Fei Shanhai was beaten up and his heart was infuriated, but at this time Ye Chen said, “Remember, old man, you are taking this slap for your son, as the saying goes, the son does not teach the father, he does not know how to behave, so it is your responsibility, and you will bear the consequences for him.”

Fei Xuebin was stunned, he didn’t know that Ye Chen had slapped his father and then immediately dumped the pot on himself!

He cursed in his mind, “Isn’t this f*cking sowing dissension?”

“If I had known this was the case, I would have rather slapped myself twice than let dad get beaten up ah, this slap down, dad doesn’t know how much he must hate me in his heart ……”

Thinking of this, he hurriedly went forward to help Fei Shanhai up.

Fei Shanhai was furious in his heart and shook off Fei Xuebin’s hand.