Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4464

Ye Chen then reminded, “Mom, if you are afraid of the ha*sle of connecting flights you can fly straight to New York and we will pick you up in New York, if you want to be quicker you can connect in New York and fly to Providence.”

Ma Lan said to herself, “I must have let the private plane I won fly straight to Providence, who needs to go to New York to make a round trip ……”

But naturally, she couldn’t say it explicitly, so she hurriedly said, “You two just wait for me in Providence, I’ll transfer there then, and save you all the trouble of going all the way to New York to pick me up.”

“Good!” Ye Chen said without a second thought, “Then we’ll wait for you here!”

Xiao Churan was also very happy in her heart and said, “Mom, remember to tell us when your schedule is set so we can pick you up at the airport in advance!”

“Okay!” Ma Lan felt very proud of her own resourcefulness and said with a smile, “Mom, let you know when it’s ready!”

After hanging up the phone, Xiao Churan hurriedly asked Ye Chen, “Honey, Mom’s coming to America won’t cause you any trouble, right? She has a lot of things to do, so I’m afraid your mood will be affected.”

“No.” Ye Chen said with a smile, “It’s good for mum to come to America for fun, and she can keep you company in the meantime, you’ve been away from home for so long, you must miss her a lot too.”

Xiao Churan nodded gently and said, “I’ve never been so far away from home for so long since I grew up, so I’m sure I miss her a little.”

Ye Chen smiled slightly and said, “Our hotel room in Providence is so big, it’s really too spacious for two people to stay, and it’s a bit more lively when Mom comes.”

When Xiao Churan saw that Ye Chen really didn’t mind, she was relieved and said softly, “Honey, thank you!”


The next morning.

Ma Lan had already gotten her visa to the United States.

The person from the jewellery company confirmed with her that the departure time of the plane was this afternoon, so Ma Lan changed into her prettiest clothes at noon, carried the Hermes gift from Ye Chen, took the business car provided by the jewellery company, and arrived at the Jinling airport.

At the airport, Ma Lan experienced for the first time the high-end courtesy of boarding at the VIP floor. The luxury business car carried her alone to the tarmac, where two beautiful ground staff escorted her while carrying her luggage, and boarded the private plane to the United States.

This Gulfstream G650, a business jet owned by the Song Group, was specially transferred over by Song Wanting this time to give Ma Lan a ride alone.

The interior of the plane was naturally luxurious, making Ma Lan feel as if she had entered a palace in the sky as soon as she entered.

The large and luxurious cabin, where she was the only pa*senger, made her feel that her vanity was infinitely magnified.

As soon as she sat down on the incredibly soft oversized recliner, three beautiful female flight attendants approached her.