Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4465

Ma Lan has a spirited personality, but the essence of her spiritedness stems from being strong.

She had been despised for most of her fifty years of life, especially after she married into the Xiao family.

The contempt of her in-laws and the cowardice of her husband at one point caused her self-esteem to be trampled on, which not only made her more and more spirited, but also aggravated her extreme quest for face.

Now that she had finally flown in a private jet, it was only natural that she should enjoy and remember the experience.

More importantly, she had to show it off in her circle of friends.

After all, they were on such a flight, and the income from serving Maran alone was several times more than serving a whole airliner with hundreds of people, so they naturally had to treat Maran as if she was the old Buddha.

After taking the video with satisfaction, Ma Lan specially created a grouping in order not to expose it in front of her family, blocking out Ye Chen, Xiao Churan and Xiao Changkun, and then posted a friend circle with the following text: “The feeling of travelling on a private jet is different, everywhere is permeated with an imperial-like dignified atmosphere!”

After posting her friend circle, she subconsciously asked the head steward, “Hey waiter, will there be no internet after we take off?”

The flight attendant said, “There is no internet during the critical take-off and climb phase, but after the plane has stabilised, I will turn on the cabin WiFi for you, and you will be able to connect to the internet then.”

Satisfied, Ma Lan nodded and smiled, “OK, then tell the captain to hurry up and take off.”

As she said this, she thought to herself, “I’ve already sent out my circle of friends, and when I get online after I’m in the sky, I’ll probably get a lot of likes from people. They’ll be envious of me.”

With this in mind, Ma Lan put her phone aside and looked out of the window in a wonderful mood.

The plane soon took off and went straight into the sky.

About half an hour later, the plane rose to a cruising altitude of 11,000 metres, the cabin steward turned on the cabin WIFI and said to Ma Lan, “Ms. Ma, our WiFi has been turned on, you can now connect to the internet, the WiFi name is your name, there is no pa*sword.”

Ma Lan immediately took out her mobile phone and connected to the WiFi, then she couldn’t wait to open WeChat to see just how big a number that red alert would show up in her circle of friends.

However, after opening it, she found that there was not even a single alert in her circle of friends!

This meant that not a single person had liked her or left her a message in her circle of friends in all the time since she had sent it out.

She couldn’t help but mutter in her mind, “There’s something wrong with this network, isn’t there? It can’t be that it’s been more than half an hour and no one has liked or left a message for me!”

Thinking about this, she couldn’t help but ask the stewardess, “Is there something wrong with your wireless network? It says I’m connected, but I don’t seem to be connected to the network.”

The flight attendant said, “No, we’re using satellite internet, the speed is a little slower but the signal is very good and the connection is very stable.”

Ma Lan was about to speak when the friend’s suddenly popped up with an alert of a red circle with a number 1 in it.

She hurriedly had to tap it, and it immediately turned into the number 2.

She was overjoyed and thought, “Finally, someone has commented on my friend circle!”

So, quickly clicking in, the look didn’t kill her.

There were two alerts, both from Qian Hongyan.

One was a like from Qian Hongyan, and the other was a comment from Qian Hongyan, which read: “Have a good trip, Sister Arashi!

Ma Lan was immediately depressed beyond belief.

The fact that she could receive Qian Hongyan’s likes and comments proved that the network on the plane must be fine, and it also proved that no one else had indeed commented on her circle of friends for so long since she took off.

This made Ma Lan feel very indignant and could not help but curse in his heart: “D*mn it! Usually when I take a picture of a broken flower in the park, or when my hand is not steady enough to take a false picture, there are many people who like me, how come today I am on a private plane and these people don’t give me a like? D*mn, jealous! It must be jealousy!”