Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4180

The woman was scared out of her wits with so many people pointing guns at her, so she hurriedly took out a crumpled box of condoms from the old shoulder bag she was carrying.

When Fei Xuebin saw the picture of a condom on the box, his face darkened to the extreme. He thought it was just a prank, so he cursed coldly, “Is this what that son of a b*tch told you to give me?!”

“Yes ……” the woman said in a panic, “He …… also asked me to pa*s on a message to you… …”

Fei Xuebin shouted angrily, “Speak up! If you stammer again, I’ll f*cking kill you!”

The woman shuddered in fear and hurriedly said, “He said …… sorry Mr. Fei, there was a shortage of time …… to find a container for the individual pasta, so he had to make do with this box. So I had to make do with this box …… The packaging was substandard but the stuff inside was still very precious ……”

Fei Xuebin reached out to grab the condom box, but once he thought that the woman had AIDS, he immediately withdrew his hand and pointed at the woman and yelled, “You, throw the box to the ground!”

The woman could only obediently do as she was told and dropped the box on the ground.

Fei Xuebin took out a handkerchief from his pocket, wrapped his right hand in it and cautiously squeezed that box up.

He was in a dilemma because he did not dare to open the box with his left hand. Although he was highly educated and knew that AIDS could not be transmitted through this level of contact, he still could not resist the fear in his heart.

Fortunately, one of his men had the good sense to hand him a black glove.

Only then did Fei Xue Bin breathe a sigh of relief and put out his left hand, allowing his men to put the black glove on his hand, before opening the lid of the condom box.

Because of the darkness of the ambient light, he could not see what was inside the box at once.

So he turned the box upside down with his right hand, and with his left hand he blocked the mouth of the box and poured out the contents.

As the two things poured into his palm, Fei Xuebin fixed his eyes on them, and his whole body let out a yell of fright, and his hand flung out violently as if he had been electrocuted, and the two bloody ears were thrown out directly by him.

A few women had long been curious about what was inside, but when they saw that it was two bloody human ears, they screamed in terror.

The bodyguards also froze, never dreaming that the box contained human ears!

Fei Xuebin was so frightened that he suddenly thought of something and hurriedly went after them to check them out, and immediately recognised the ears as those of his son Fei Hao Yang!

His heart felt like it had been hit by a heavy hammer, and he couldn’t speak at once because of the pain.

Immediately after, he picked up the two ears and bawled: “Hao Yang …… my good son …… it’s my father who has wronged you …… it’s my father who has failed to protect You ah Hao Yang ……”

Some good pedestrians had already started to take out their mobile phones to shoot the video, and it was only at this time that a number of bodyguards reacted and hurriedly surrounded Fei Xuebin, while chiding, “No filming, delete the video!”

But by this time it was already too late, many people had already taken the video, and seeing that the other side’s bodyguards were aggressive, they hurriedly slipped away.

The bodyguards didn’t have the energy to question the pa*sers-by, so they had to surround Fei Xuebin and protect him from this place of trouble as soon as possible.

Among those who took the video and slipped away was an Iga ninja.

After taking the video, he immediately went to the corner behind the motel and got into a dilapidated Dodge car, which then started its engine and quickly drove away from the place of the incident.

At this time, Fei Xuebin was still holding both of Fei Hao Yang’s ears and crying out in pain.

The bodyguards repeatedly persuaded him to do nothing, so they had no choice but to help him into the car, and the convoy quickly returned to the Fei family estate in Long Beach.