Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4181

All the way back to the Fei family estate in Long Beach, Fei Xuebin could hardly control his grief and anger. He was heartbroken and worried about his son, but at the same time he hated those Japanese ninjas with a pa*sion.

He couldn’t wait to catch those ninjas and cut them into pieces, but unfortunately, they hadn’t been able to get hold of their true identities yet.

Fei Shanhai had many ears and eyes, and most of the bodyguards around Fei Xuebin reported to him, so before Fei Xuebin returned, he had already heard about the incident.

When he heard that his eldest grandson’s ear had been cut off, he was even more furious and was already in his study, smashing everything he could.

When the old lady heard the news, she rushed to see what was going on. After asking Fei Shanhai about what had happened, she herself was even more distressed. If not, I’ll die for you!”

Fei Shanhai was distracted and did not want his wife to add to his troubles, so he said impatiently, “All right, I know! Hao Yang is your grandson and my grandson, I will do whatever it takes to get him back!”

The old lady asked again, “Are you sure? In case they kill without a second thought and give Hao Yang …… to ……”

When she said this, the old lady couldn’t say any more.

Fei Shanhai waved his hand and said, “Don’t worry, they must be looking for money, as long as they are looking for money, they will definitely not kill Hao Yang.”

The old lady said in a hurry, “No matter what the final outcome is, you must cut those people into pieces for me!!!”

The commotion of the old man and the old woman smashing in the study soon alerted Fei Hao Yang’s mother, as well as the rest of Fei’s family.

Fei Shanhai didn’t hide anything from them, so he informed everyone of what had happened.

Fei Hao Yang’s mother pa*sed out straight away, while the rest of the Fei family were also apprehensive.

They were accustomed to being pampered, but when they heard that someone had dared to kidnap the Fei family and even cut off their ears, they were all angry and scared.

The whole Fei family was in a state of shock.

Before Fei Xuebin could reach home, another popular video appeared on the internet.

The title of the video was very shocking, reading “Fei Xue Bin, the eldest son of the Fei family, kisses a prostitute on the street in North Brooklyn! .

The video clearly captures Fei Xuebin shoving $1,000 in cash into the collar of the prostitute, and the prostitute hugging him in a pa*sionate kiss.

The video ends abruptly at this point, with no follow-up.

This is the Western media’s ‘partial news rule’, where they don’t report the whole story but only the part they want to report, so that they can entice viewers to take things out of context.

It’s a simple, straightforward and nasty trick, but it works like a charm.

People didn’t know what was going on, and all they knew from watching the video was that the young master of the Fei family was buying sex on the street and kissing a prostitute.

This immediately sparked a fervent debate on the internet.

In the United States, it’s not really breaking news that people are relatively more open to that aspect, so they are not used to seeing it.

However, although they have seen cheaters, they have never seen such a rich man stealing such an unglamorous affair, which is simply upsetting.

It was as incomprehensible as being bored at home and watching a short video platform and suddenly seeing the richest man in the world eating slop by the roadside.

Many people were incredulous at Fei Xuebin’s heavy-handedness, and it was because of this huge contrast that the story quickly festered online and soon exploded all over the internet.

Little did Fei Xuebin know that by the time his motorcade pulled into the Fei family estate, he had already become a major internet sensation.