Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4083

A minute later, Qiao Feiyun’s satellite phone, received an MMS message.

As the message was transmitted using the satellite, the speed was rather slow, so he only received a very blurred preview image at first, and only after the picture was all downloaded could he see a clear image.

But just seeing this preview image was already a little too much for Qiao Feiyun.

This was because he could vaguely see that there were blurred areas of red pixels on his brother’s head, face and legs.

With his common sense, he deduced that these red blurred areas should all be blood.

He couldn’t help but mentally build himself up desperately, hoping that he would be prepared and not be frightened by the HD image that followed.

But even though he had been psychologically building himself up, the moment he actually saw the HD image, he was instantly shocked and trembled violently!

The phone dropped from his trembling hands almost uncontrollably.

His legs, too, instantly lost their support and he leaned backwards.

The a*sistant and a few of his men hurriedly stepped forward to hold him up, only to prevent him from falling to the ground.

When the a*sistant and his men held him up, they realised that his body was already shaking like chaff!

His mobile phone, which had been spared because it had fallen on the extravagant hand-woven Afghan top wool rug on the floor.

The a*sistant subconsciously glanced towards his phone and was instantly shaken by the picture on it, and a panicked cry of alarm escaped his lips.

He wasn’t to blame, it was just that the third young master in the picture was just too miserable!

This a*sistant, who had been with Qiao Feiyun for many years, had seen all kinds of vicious and cruel things, but he had never seen the tragic situation of carving words on the forehead of a young master of a hundred billion dollar family with a knife.

This was the usually domineering and unbeatable third young master of the Qiao family!

Because he was so young, just in his early twenties, he was very much loved.

Even Qiao Feiyun, his elder brother, doted on him.

But this was such an unbeatable young man.

But now he had died in such a tragic way!

This kind of strong shock has a huge impact on the mind!

It’s like, when you see a homeless man rummaging through the bins on the street looking for food, you’re not usually very shocked.

But what if this homeless man is a rich young master with a family of over 100 billion dollars?

I’m afraid this story would immediately become a headline around the world.

This is the huge impact of a strong contrast.

At this moment, Qiao Feiyun’s whole body was on the verge of collapse, and he could not control himself and cried out loudly: “This is not true …… This is not true! Feiyu couldn’t have died so horribly! That’s not him! That’s definitely not him!”

Seeing that he was almost collapsing, the a*sistant said nervously, “Young master …… You must take care of your health, the third young master is still waiting for you to avenge his death ……”

When Qiao Feiyun heard this, he instantly froze in place.

It was only after a full half minute that Qiao Feiyun finally came back to his senses.

He hurriedly picked up his mobile phone and stared at his tragically dead brother on the screen, gritting his teeth and saying, “Dare to abuse and kill my brother Qiao Feiyun, when I find him, I will make him taste all the most painful torture in this world, and then cut him into pieces! Avenge my brother!”