Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3774

Ye Chen had already been able to confirm that Zhan Feier’s motive for approaching him was definitely for the Spring Return Pill.

Therefore, under this premise, no matter how Zhan Feier sent her favours, he had no ripples in his heart.

Because, in front of the value of a Spring Return Pill, this favour of hers was not even a drop in the bucket.

However, Xiao Churan felt a little frightened and spoke, “Or I’d rather not take it ……”

When Ye Chen saw that Xiao Churan seemed to be vaguely lost, he asked, “Wife, do you want to take on this project in your heart?”

Xiao Churan hesitated, but still nodded gently and said, “Yes ……”

After saying that, she hurriedly explained to Ye Chen again, “In fact, I am not mainly interested in making money, it is that this villa of hers does have a very good frame foundation, it is two villas in one, this type of house type will not even be found in Jinling in the future, and her decoration budget is very high, for the design is, the higher the budget, the more room to play, so that there is a chance to create a high standard interior decoration work ……”

Speaking of this, Xiao Churan looked at Ye Chen somewhat timidly and whispered, “Husband …… as an interior designer, the most important thing is to come up with very representative works, if you can get an award in interior decoration with a representative work, it will be a great, great help to the individual designer, as well as the designer’s studio, but I haven’t done any big independent design projects until now, so there’s nothing that I can take to the competition ……”

Ye Chen nodded understandingly and asked her, “By the way wife, did you do the interior design of the six-star hotel of the Imperial Group?”

“No ……” Xiao Churan explained, “The overall design of the six-star hotel of the Empire Group was done by a very famous design studio overseas, for such a big project, it must be paired with a famous designer to make the most sense, when the The Xiao family took part of the construction work for the interior decoration, later I set up a studio and was responsible for some of the outsourced projects, we also followed the designs done by others to construct.”

Ye Chen smiled faintly: “I understand wife, you also want to have a masterpiece that is completely designed by yourself and can be taken as a masterpiece.”

“Yes ……” Xiao Churan nodded gently and added: “Honey, I have seen all the drawings of that villa, it is indeed too suitable for designers to show off their skills, if you are afraid of owing others because of this matter, then I can not charge their design fees, and I will not even directly handle the specific construction at the back, I will completely volunteer to take on this project, in this way, I will do a good job with this project, and I can use this project to register for the National Interior Design Grand Prix next year ……”

After saying this, she looked up at Ye Chen and asked blearily, “Honey, do you think this is okay?”

Hearing this, Ye Chen already understood in his heart what Xiao Churan was truly seeking inside.

Xiao Churan was like a new director in the film and television industry, however, she had never really led a big production that could be taken to the next level.

Therefore, she can only play a part in other directors’ big productions, such as being an executive director or a costume director.

Most of the projects she leads herself are like the small house where Du Haiqing renovated her parents’ house, and the overall volume of the project is relatively small, like a microfilm, which is also a production, but certainly cannot be entered into various film festivals as well as film and television awards.