Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3685

The pirate who had previously threatened the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple immediately laughed out loud and said mockingly, “I thought you had some great ability, but you still have to release us honestly!”

The captain of the Dragon Palace smiled slightly and said, “If we don’t let you go, should we still keep you on board to eat our food and drink our fresh water? I tell you, our supplies will not be fed to you even if they are fed to dogs.”

With that, he greeted one of his men at his side, “Put the lifeboats down and tell them to get lost!”

Several pirates looked at each other, their expressions all a little smug.

As far as they were concerned, they were not only the masters of the Gulf of Aden, but they also carried an aura that no one dared to mess with.

Every time they came out to rob a merchant ship, if they failed, they would go back, if they succeeded, they would exchange it for money, and even if they were caught, the other side would have to let them go honestly.

At this moment, a crane next to the side of the ship immediately placed a dangling lifeboat onto the side of the ship.

The junior captain of the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall said to the six men, “Hurry up and get your a*ses up there!”

The six men bristled and one by one they got on board.

Once the six pirates were on board, they were all completely relieved, and the expressions on their faces when they looked at the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple were all vaguely gloomy and hostile, as if they were still very unconvinced.

Their current thoughts were simple: as soon as they left this place, they would immediately pilot this lifeboat, rush back to their home base, and wait for the next roll-up.

As for being captured, they simply did not care.

Who hadn’t been captured before when they were pirates in the Gulf of Aden? It was just that every time they were captured, they were put back intact.

The Wan Long Temple’s junior captain looked at them and said indifferently, “I would have been tempted to put you on the spot, but on humanitarian grounds, I’ll let you live ……”

Just as he said this, several pirates pouted their mouths one by one, with a look of disdain and contempt.

Every time they were captured and then released, the other side had to say almost the exact same thing, and they had long since stopped taking it seriously; in their opinion, the reason the gang didn’t dare to kill themselves was that they were afraid of reprisals from their own organization.

In other words, it was obvious that they were afraid in their hearts, but they still had to pretend to let them go, which made them despise them greatly in their hearts.

But at this moment, the junior captain of the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple smiled oddly and spoke, “To use the old Chinese saying, we are considered to have not fought each other, so before we leave, I will fire my gun to send you off, just as a celebration.”

“Firing a gun to celebrate?” Several pirates looked at each other, could not understand what the other party said the firing of a gun to celebrate what it means, the field of pirates, it seems that there is no such rule.

At that moment, the captain of the Dragon Palace raised the a*sault rifle in his hand and fired more than twenty shots at the lifeboat!

The pirates thought that the other party was deliberately trying to kill them, so they all ran and cried out in fear on the lifeboat.

But when the gunfire stopped, they slowly opened their eyes and realised that no one had been shot!

Just as they were breathing a sigh of relief, they suddenly realised that the bullets from the other side had made dozens of holes in the bottom of the lifeboat, and had completely smashed the engine at the rear of the lifeboat into scrap metal!

The captain of the Dragon Palace, after the bullet had finished, said to the six pirates in a serious voice: “When you go back, you must change your mind and become a new man!”

One of them shouted in a panic, “D*mn it! You son of a b*tch! You’re not firing a gun to send us off, you’re trying to get us killed by deliberately shooting the ship and breaking the engine!”