Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3684

Soon the world of shipping received a very shocking message.

The pirate organisation known as the “Black Shark” had publicly warned that it would not allow any shipping company to cooperate with the Dragon Palace in armed escorts, otherwise it would take extreme measures to retaliate.

When this news came out, the first thing that shocked the entire shipping sector was: I never thought that such a powerful and famous mercenary organisation as the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons would start to get involved in armed escorts!

Moreover, from the news released by Black Shark, it seemed that the two sides had already formed a feud.

Ten minutes later, the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple also issued a brief statement, which consisted of eight simple words: “God will kill God, Buddha will kill Buddha!”

The entire shipping sector was shocked.

It was the first time ever that a mercenary organisation had been involved in armed escorts.

Moreover, the reputation of the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple was indeed great.

Companies, ship owners and practitioners in the shipping sector could not wait to see who would have the last laugh between these two parties.

Meanwhile, in the waters of the Gulf of Aden, the Xing Long is running at full throttle, heading towards the Red Sea.

A few soldiers from the Dragon Palace on board had already taken the six disarmed pirates onto the deck.

The six pirates did not realise that they were in trouble, but instead they looked defiant, staring at each other as if they were ready to fight the soldiers.

One of them said arrogantly while holding his head in his hands, “If you have any sense, you will let us go immediately, or else we will make you pay a more painful price! It’s not that no convoy has ever captured us before, but none of them have dared to do anything to us either!”

What the pirate said was basically true.

In the Gulf of Aden, pirates were a very difficult problem for those convoys.

The UN has given convoys the right to protect merchant fleets, so they generally just drive them away rather than kill them all.

There is also an awkward reason for this; if they fight too hard, the pirates will retaliate against their own merchant ships, and the convoys are after all too limited in size to protect every merchant ship in time.

Moreover, if they capture the pirates, they face the embarra*sing situation of having no law enforcement power and no way to enforce the law. After all, no matter to any of the countries that went to the Gulf of Aden to escort the pirates, they have no law enforcement power against the pirates in the Gulf of Aden because they are far away from their homeland.

So, if they are the ones who capture the pirates, the basic operation is to find a time to dock and release the people.

It was for this reason that these pirates felt emboldened and had no fear that the soldiers of the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple would dare to do anything to them.

However, they had underestimated the determination of the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple.

When Wan Bu Jun had received orders from Ye Chen to carry out an armed escort, he had already conveyed Ye Chen’s request to everyone that since it was an armed escort, it must be fought with fame and style.

Therefore, they had made all the preparations long ago and had also prepared a special gift for these pirates with great care.

After driving these six pirates to the deck, the captain of this escort squad of the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple, then said to the six, “Given that your bosses are not willing to pay ransom for you, we are releasing you on the spot in a humanitarian spirit, hoping that you will reflect on yourselves and change your ways from this moment on!”